What is Prönö?


Prönö was created for those who want a simple way to unleash the potential of their networks.


Everyone has connections, but no one is utilizing them for their full business potential.


That’s why Prönö was created. And yes, we are more than happy to tell you everything about Prönö!


Our platform is designed 
to give you a boost.”


“Through our platform, 
we aim to push you forward.”



We are crazy enough to think that we can change the world for the better. And we are determined enough to actually do things every day in order to succeed in this goal. We call this Prönö-attitude.


Prönö Ltd. was launched by Helene Auramo, an entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Slush (Europe’s biggest startup event), Zipipop (the first social media agency in Finland) and Indiedays (the first fashion blogger site in Finland). She loves to solve problems and figure out what needs to be fixed in our world.

We want to build a new and better world that is kinder and more caring. A world that is built on TRUST. We believe that without trust there’s nothing to work from. On top of trust we can build anything.