Advisory Workshops

The easiest way to make an impact
with impact companies

Prönö Advisory Workshops give you the opportunity to attend an online workshop to make an impact with impact companies.

 They can be one of the first steps to becoming an advisor, service provider or perhaps an employee of a company you would love to help. 

Upcoming Advisory opportunities:


🚚  Swedish-based impact startup coming to Finland
💚  Mission: Helping people buy and sell second-hand furniture and removing the hassle of getting it home.
❓  Advisory Workshop Agenda: How can Mooova succeed in the Finnish Market?

👨‍🦰  A non-profit organization
💚  Mission: Strengthen men’s mental health and emotional well-being – and create cultural change for a more empathetic Finland.
❓ Advisory Workshop Agenda: What makes discussing men’s mental health so difficult for companies? Help Mies+ find companies for co-operations.

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