Read 10 reasons to create a circle – and boost your business and work life

No-one has ever accomplished amazing things just by themselves. We are dependent on each other in so many ways. We can do so much more if we find the right people.  And the right teams can make miracles happen. 

So, the question is how do you find the right people when you need them? In best case scenarios you find those long-lasting professional relationships that keep you and your business growing. But how do you then share these amazing people with your network?

That’s why we created Prönö. 

Here are ten reasons to create a circle on Prönö and boost your business and your work life:


1. Find the right people and be found

Do you know what it’s like to need help with marketing or to want to find a personal trainer when you just can’t remember anyone? What if you could see who people recommend to others in their own networks?

With Prönö, that is possible.

And you can also share all of your skills with your network, allowing others to find you based on everything you can do. Generally, people know each other through only one or two skills, but we are often much more versatile. There’s no need to brand yourself based on just one skill anymore.

2. Learn (and find) from the best 

Don’t be tricked by advertisements claiming some services are the best in a particular field. 

Instead, trust your contacts and the people you admire. You can see who the best professionals recommend.  If you want to become the best, you need to work with the best people. 


  • Find the branding professional that the brand owner you like recommends
  • Find a hairdresser that a stylist you like recommends

3Always be found when your skills are needed – and create new business

The world has been twisted by the various ways social media operates. For you to be in the minds of people, you need to be present in social media across many different channels while also regularly creating content in order to be remembered – and even paying for that content to be seen. 

We think this is wrong. Why would a good lawyer need to write an ad and take professional photos and videos in order to look like a thought leader on social media? 

But what if you don’t need to do that? 

On Prönö, if you are added to someone’s list (called a circle on Prönö) as a professional in one of the skills, you will always be remembered. You would be in other people’s lists. So, if you are a good lawyer and are added to your clients’ lists, they will always remember you when they need you. Once you have been added to someone’s circle, you will always be found by your contact and his/her contacts. 

4. Become faster 

Sometimes it is difficult to choose who you would like to work with. Many people trust recommendations. When you can see the trusted people from your connections – you can become faster in your decision making. 

Also, reviewing your circle can help you really see how diverse your networks are – and whether you and your contacts have recommended people in all the main professions. If there are empty slots, you can specifically try to find people in those areas. 


5. Boost your creativity

If you work with people with diverse skills, you learn the most, create the most and make the best choices.

Social scientist Adam Galinsky has found that people who have deep relationships with someone from another country become more creative and score higher on routine creativity tests.

“There’s something about deeply understanding and learning about another culture that’s transformative,” Adam says.

So, make sure your circles are diverse.

6. Create more opportunities and give serendipity a chance

If you share your dream with your network, it just might happen. If you tell your network that you are seeking advice or that you have free time to help someone, you give serendipity a chance – and then a lot of unexpected things can happen. 

Also, if you learn new skills, you can let people know and offer to spar to help you see if you can create a career out of your new skills. 

7. Prepare for the new like a clever business person would

Unfortunately, in many cases, secure jobs are becoming a thing of the past. Everyone needs to learn to look for new opportunities e.g. become more like an entrepreneur. Prönö is just for that. When you learn a new skill or are interested in doing advisory board work or sparring, you can be found. 

8. Be you and find business people who will love you just like you are

On Prönö, you can be so much more than your CV. You can show your values, dreams and a lot more in the future. We have wanted to create a profile that matches the needs of the future. Because we believe that there is only you, not you in your free time versus you in your business life. The best businesses can thrive when people can be themselves. 

9. Be more inclusive of professionals from different areas

Sometimes you might gain new interesting perspectives from people from totally different professions. For example, I learned a lot when I talked with professors and researchers while building Prönö. On Prönö, you can find people from different professions and expertise areas – and we encourage you to start talking with them. 

And sometimes, if you are looking for people in certain areas, you might find someone with a skillset you didn’t even know about. For some people, it might be a challenge to find experts in vital areas like sustainability. Prönö can help you make these important connections.


10. Be helpful and meaningful to others and help them change the world

It is a great feeling to know you have served and helped others to move forward in their lives. You don’t have to be the big change-maker yourself, sometimes your help can simply make a difference in someone else’s project. 


If you are not yet signed up, you can join to our waiting list to Prönö Platform. Prönö is invitation-only but you can sign up to our waiting list if you’re interested to be the first to hear when we will let prönös in.


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