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Aila is the first centralized platform helping organizations to take direct climate actions. This sustainable startup from Finland is now seeking investors for their first round in 2023. If you are interested in investing in a more sustainable future, this is your chance.

The Aila platform is here to help SME’s to take direct action to reduce their CO2 emissions. Now, they are looking for early-stage investors to cover the costs of their pre-launch development.

Approximately one degree of global warming has been observed since the 1800s worldwide, with Finland experiencing a two-degree increase. Pressure to build more sustainable businesses and take necessary climate actions is coming from all directions. We can still limit the extent of climate change with the actions we take now, and companies are instrumental in this process. Aila is the first platform offering the exact goods and services to eliminate the emissions associated with business operations.

💚 Aila’s mission 💚
Becoming sustainable and climate neutral, simpler and faster than ever before.

“As CEO, I hope that I can initiate conversations with a variety of potential investors. Especially with those who are interested in climate sustainability and can also provide insight and expertise to the project.”

Juulia Karjula, CEO & Founder, Aila

How to show interest in becoming an investor?

Aila is looking for early-stage investors to cover the costs of their pre-launch development. The cost structure is described in more detail in the pitch deck.

Fill out the form below to show your interest to hear more and see their pitch deck. We will be in touch shortly to provide more information. Please notice, all candidate investors will be considered via Prönö.


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