Always be curious

Even if we are already satisfied, we still need to stay curious. Being able to stay ahead is not a skill – it is an attitude. Foreseeing who you need to guide you along the way is impossible or hard at best. Open yourself to new possibilities and let Prönö do the rest.

Finding the people that can help you along the way takes a lot of effort

Traditionally, we have been guided by our quarterly goals and budgets. We have been labelling people by their profession and status. We have been collaborating only with peers in our own “weight class”.

It is tough to reach out to someone you do not know, but we want to make it easier. Offering your help and expertise takes only one click. Instead of a cold call and perfectly formulated message, you can you are here when they need you, and when they will need your expertise, they can find you easily. Who would you like to find you?

We all need guidance along the way

Or you might be in a phase of life where your goals are not as big, but helping others achieve their goals gives you energy.

On Prönö, you can look for a mentor or make yourself available for charity work. Giving without looking to receive something in return is what makes us humans. You can also make yourself available if you have some time to help others – right now or later this week. This way you can give back to the community and also gain recommendations that might open new doors for you.

Find help for something small

Your goals do not have to be huge. We all have small goals and tasks we need help with from time to time. If you don’t have a need big enough to go searching for a new service partner, but small enough to ask for help from a smaller circle or individuals, use the Prönö Help Hub – for anything you might need, desire or wonder. Others are there to help you.

On the Help Hub, others can help you or recommend someone they know can help you. You’ll feel great when you can serve others by spreading the goodness around you, and this way you can be part of their success. On Prönö, you can do this automatically by recommending people and also connecting people who need help.

Asking for Help on Prönö is free.

Offering help and recommending others is free.

What happens after that is up to you.

Are you ready to start a new era of your life? Join our platform and it all can start when you will get in.


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