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Your networking efforts might have grown your network, but are you finding the right people when you need them? One smart way to save your time is to get your network organized. 

Most of us are on at least two social media platforms – LinkedIn and Facebook. We might use the platforms in different ways, but when it comes to simply finding something or someone – it feels surprisingly difficult. Sometimes you might ask even yourself, “Who are these people in my feed?”

The way we see it, the problem is that LinkedIn and Facebook are managing your networks. They are recommending new people to add to your networks, and then they use algorithms to manage the content you see from people and companies. Platforms want you to come back every day and preferably every hour or even minute. That is how they make money.

The platforms are deciding whose posts and activity to show to you. It might not be your best friends or even your spouse, as they are already in your network. It will more likely be the company that has invested in marketing or someone creating particularly engaging content.

Might this be a good time to get your network organized? This way you can focus on your life outside of social media networks – especially on your work time.

Prönö is built differently, with three very important considerations in mind:

We do not want to get you addicted. Our goal is not to get you back every hour or even every day. We do not have a feed with cute puppies or loosely business-related stories. We want you to come back when you need to find someone that can help you. Or when somebody needs your help. With our smart categories you can always find your most important contacts when you need them.

We want you to be able to connect with anyone without worrying about being pushy. Prönö is your personal CRM, where you can add all the people you have worked with in the past, and want to work with in the future. You can also add those you have not yet met, but would love to work with. We make sure they can find you when they need you, and we want them to know that you are ready to work with them, without you needing to disturb them.

We want you to find expertise, dreams and intentions – not titles. When you are in need, you want to know who can help you. We believe that human-to-human recommendations are the best way to find new and talented people online – instead of having to search for a company

With Prönö, you will never again forget who can help you today.

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