How many bugs have we found and what should we do next?

We organized Bugfestthe Prönö platform festival for creating a better digital platform – to encourage prönös like you to find bugs. And we did this by pledging to plant one tree for each bug found. We want to build a more humane business platform for the future, but we also want to be sure we have a future we can build towards. We want to do good for the environment, and this is what we have accomplished thus far. 

Since May, our community members have helped us find a total of 13 bugs on our platform. We are obviously happy that we have been able to build a solid business platform with so few bugs, but at the same time, we do want to be doing even more for the planet. And we want to keep on improving Prönö for all the thousands of professionals who have already joined our platform. 

But what could we do to make this effort scale? 

We came up with at least 3 things:

We will keep on planting. The Prönö forest has not grown big enough yet, and because our platform still needs improvements (this job will never be done), we decided to keep on partying in the spirit of Bugfest. We hope our community keeps on finding the bugs in our backyard, so we can build a forest for them to inhabit. 

We challenge all companies involved in planting trees (or doing something similarly beneficial) to join our platform and create an organization profile for free. We want professionals to find you so that they can also start their own campaigns for a better future. We already have Puuni and Evergreen on our platform, and we hope we can bring in all the others who are doing amazing things in this area. We will promote you to our community and beyond, and maybe we can plant trees together one day?

We challenge your organization to start your own bugfest! We thought this could be a good idea to try out, and we can tell you that indeed it has been a success. The feedback from our community and beyond has been rewarding, and Bugfest has truly had a positive impact on our platform as well. We definitely recommend you and your organization try a bugfest or any similar idea with your customers, partners or employees. If you do, we will promote your project to our community and followers, and we can even help you find a partner to make your bugfest a reality. Just contact us, and we’ll be happy to help. 

We hope you enjoy the summer and nature. Let’s make them both greener together. 


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