Why is the company’s monthly payment
only 249€ / month?

Prönö Premium includes an unlimited number of talent and advisory campaigns for any impact company on our platform. But it costs only 249€ / month. That is why we often have to answer a question that might also be on your mind right now:

“How can the Premium service be so inexpensive?”

Here are the main factors that set us apart from the alternatives on the market.

1. The Prönö platform is where everything starts

We can often reach the right professionals directly from our platform without having to pay for advertising. Unlike many recruitment agencies that use platforms to post job advertisements, we can start by selecting professionals that meet the right criteria and are looking for a specific type of opportunity. With our automated campaign process, the opportunities reach the right audience faster than before, and that might end the process altogether, when the right professionals are found.

2. We have goals in common with you

Every potential applicant that enters our platform can be available to hundreds of other companies as well. That is why the professionals you are looking for are the professionals we (at Prönö) want to help on our platform. We feel it would be wrong to make only you pay for every individual we together attract to our community. That is why (A) you initiate the opportunity, (B) we do all the work for you and (C) you pay less than on other recruitment platforms.

3. One click & one profile

We see that the hardest part of recruitment is finding the right candidates and making sure they are applying for the right reasons. That is why the profiles on our platform are the same for every application, approach and opportunity. You can see the values, dreams and expertise of every applicant and know that, because they are also approaching other companies and opportunities, they truly are who they say they are. This saves a lot of time from you and other applicants. And you know who you want to take with you to the next round.

4. We bring them to you, but you interview them

We bring candidates to you, but you take it from there. Unlike headhunters or dedicated talent agents that take the process with candidates through multiple rounds of questionnaires or interviews, we believe you should not have to pay for something you should still do yourself. We help those who are not the right fit for you by finding them other opportunities. You take care of those who are potential candidates for your company. But we can help you forward with our partners if you still need help.

5. Traction with the community <3

Your company alone will never be able to match the number of opportunities we have on our platform. We attract applicants that are not necessarily even looking for new opportunities, but are interested in offering their advice to other impact companies just like yours. When your opportunity opens up, Prönö is the place where you can reach the people you will not reach anywhere else.

But why pay every month?

Every month, your Talent Pool grows. Each company on our platform has their own talent pool, and for all the Premium accounts, it is up to the Prönö team to make them grow. Our mutual goal is that over time you will not even need to search for professionals when you need to hire someone – instead, you will be able to choose the best candidates from your pool. You select the areas in which you are most likely going to be looking for help next – and we build up your pool to meet the need when it arises.

Is Premium available for all companies?

No. Prönö Premium is available for companies that are working for a more sustainable future. If you are selling guns, drugs, tobacco or consumer goods heavily packed in plastic, Prönö most likely is not right for you. But if you know your SDGs and are dedicated to working towards those goals – we are very happy to help you. Regardless of your size, location or industry.


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