Create value every step of the way: Stop selling and start helping

Everybody in business needs to sell something. And every entrepreneur needs to buy something sometime. Instead of buying and selling – we believe we should be helping and creating value.

Traditional sales have been based on the seller’s agenda. We have automated selling and become pushy. Automation is not often serving humans well, and we at Prönö (to be honest) don’t like it. We want to automate helping, not selling. Create value, not notifications.

We believe we are all better off if we co-create around actual needs instead of potential needs. Many cold calls are made with good intent and an actual agenda, but how do you know when the time is right to reach out? Today, you don’t. Tomorrow, after you join Prönö, you will.

We are the first and only platform that is built to show who you want to work with. We do this without having to disguise it as something else. On our platform you are able to choose the people you think you can help. Just simply add them to your circle and you will know when there is a need you can help meet. It may be days, weeks or months, but when you need it, you will be found.

We believe we can build a service where every day there are enough needs expressed for us to stop selling and just start helping. It’s about time we stop disturbing each other and start focusing on the people who actually need help. It is automation for value, not volume.

In the least 20 years we have been able to develop automation to impossible heights. But there is a problem. Nobody thought about the receiver. We have maximized and automated the sales volume of emails and are in the process of doing the same for phone calls. Not to make them more valuable, but to just make more of them.

We want people to be able to choose who can approach and who can not. We want to help you know who can actually help you and who can not. You build your circle and we bring others to your doorstep without you having to waste your time on finding them.

At Prönö we are building a better working life for each and every one of us by making it possible to automate the value – not the volume.

Don’t believe it works? Let us know and carry on as you were.

Curious to see if Prönö works?

Join our platform today! There might even be some who already need your help. Start your Prönö journey here.


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