Eero Pitkäsalo: Joining Prönö just before beta launch was a dream come true

Eero Pitkäsalo started as a growth hacking trainee at Prönö just one day before the beta launch – a big day packed with stuff! We were of course excited to be featured in many of the major business media outlets in Finland, but this day also marked the end of the era of being a startup without a launched product. 

The launch transforms everything at a startup. Suddenly your targets start to evolve, and the days change as you start getting feedback from users engaging with the real thing. 

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But who is Eero and how did he see the launch?

Who are you Eero?

Starting with a tricky one! Without any philosophical problematization, I am a curious learner who loves great coffee, nature, peace, and catchy stories. I’m originally from the Finnish countryside, and even though I enjoy my life in the Helsinki city center, I really value those moments I can spend in some quiet place in peace.

I’m a fresh graduate and actually lived in Tampere, Finland for five years before moving to Helsinki this spring. I was active in all kinds of student associations and other activities, and I feel I learned so much outside the lecture halls. For example, I was Editor in Chief of a student magazine and responsible for facilitating tutoring for 150 new students. I also spent countless nights trying to make students’ voices heard when we were building a new university out of two smaller ones.

In some ways, it’s fun to think about how big a role education has had in my life. I remember that after my first day of school I told my parents how going to school was ruining my life. Luckily, I managed to change my attitude and eventually enjoy learning. 

I’m pretty optimistic with my scheduling, and that’s why I enrolled to study computer science this fall. I hope I can learn some coding and something about data analytics as well

At Prönö we ask people to add their values, so what are your values Eero?

I had to think about this a bit. After contemplating them and talking with my partner about the topic, I ended up with these three core values: commitment, fairness, and sensitivity. 

When I talk about commitment, I mean that you can be trusted and relied on. I’m committed to many things: my girlfriend, my family, Prönö. I’m also committed to making the world a better place to live. 

Fairness means that I treat others fairly and don’t accept discrimination or bullying in any form. I would love to see a world that is fair, so it’s my duty to keep working for that dream.

By sensitivity, I mean a lot of things. One of them is emotional intelligence. I always want to have time to listen to others, be it a family member, a friend, or just a passer-by. I also see sensitivity as a cornerstone of leadership. Sensitivity is also about having room for emotions and also noticing and valuing others’ emotions and feelings. 

Eero Pitkasalo

How did you end up working at Prönö?

While I was writing my master’s thesis, I kept on pondering what I expect from my first job after graduation. I’m a person who likes to learn by doing, and I have a background in entrepreneurship. That’s why it made sense to try to find a job with a smaller company.

However, it’s not that easy to land a job at a startup because finding those opportunities is very different from seeking a job in corporations. That’s why chance and serendipity played a role, which is how I ended up here. This is how the story goes.

I was talking with my father about my career and what I would like to do, as I had just graduated. He told me he had seen Prönö’s post on social media. His friend had actually shared a blog post. He suggested that I should check Prönö’s website in case they might be looking for new talent. 

I then looked at Prönö’s website and their social media and my first reaction was “Okay, I have no idea what these people are doing but it seems super interesting.” Scrolling through the website, I came across a job post – Prönö was looking for a growth hacking trainee! I chose a quick course of action and approached them with an email asking if they were still looking for new talent.

After that, I had a video chat with both Ella and Helene, and then, after summer vacation, I submitted a small written assignment. One evening I was having dinner with a couple of my closest friends and my phone rang. Luckily, I had just finished my pizza because the call took a while. (By the way, if you visit Helsinki and have time for just one meal, don’t miss Via Tribunali.)

It was Helene, and she had some great news: they would be happy to take me onboard! After that, things moved pretty quickly and I was happy to join Prönö on the launch date. As a person who doesn’t like waiting too much, I did two jobs at the same time for a few weeks. It was kind of rough, but I don’t regret it. 🙂 

You were with us for the launch. How did it seem to you?

The launch felt truly special! It was really educational to see how things rolled out during the launch day. This is not the first startup I have joined, but never have I ever felt more enthusiastic about working at a startup than now. The pace is just something I have never experienced before. 

Actually, when I was first talking with Helene, I was surprised that the Prönö platform was more than just a mockup draft. It was actually a working platform by then, and about a month later, I was there launching it with the team. Since the moment I first saw the Prönö brand, I knew that this isn’t just another social networking platform. This was something unique.

Since day one I also noticed how absolute professionalism and willingness to change things for the better drive this company. I don’t know if that’s an official policy, but for me it feels that Prönö is really a purpose-driven organization.

What is the nicest thing you have got to do?

It must be working with all these amazing professionals. It’s not easy to pick just one thing, but I think helping with the beta launch was something really special. (Even though there was not that much I really could do but try to learn as much as possible.)

I feel I’m building something really valuable at Prönö. For me, many social media platforms seem to be filled with meaningless content and self-bragging. It feels like we’ve lost the human-to-human interaction. Instead of thinking about other people, we think about algorithms, optimization, and benefitting from others. We need to start caring about one another again.

Eero Pitkäsalo

I think I can speak for all the young professionals out there when I say this. Feeling valued and appreciated is something everybody is looking for. Even though I have made some small goofs, my team gives me the space I need to learn. Here, learning is a constant phenomenon.

What has been the most difficult?

The most difficult aspect must be internalizing so much so fast. The Prönö brand is built with love and care, and adopting our tone requires some practice. Also, there is so much on my desk already, so there hasn’t been that much time for planning.

What is your dream?

This is an excellent question and one of my all-time favorites. I have quite many dreams, but I’d like to share two of them. 

I dream of having a house of my own by a small lake. I get so much energy from the peace and quiet the countryside offers that one day I will return there. After all, I’m a simple person who enjoys simple things, such as morning coffees in the garden and walking in nature.

I also dream of employing people in the future. I have been doing some graphic design as a solo entrepreneur, but I would like to establish a real business in the future. Now I know where to find the best people for that – from Prönö. 

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