Founder Helene: Social media is broken, and that’s why Prönö was born

It’s difficult to say how the idea of Prönö platform originally came into my head. I knew I wanted to help people who have the entrepreneurial mindset. So, I started to look for the obstacles in the world that these people face. 

I think it was at the end of 2019 when things just started to appear in my head and in discussions with people. I started to see the problem and the opportunity in finding the right people to work with and buy services from. The more I researched, the clearer it became that I was onto something, an issue bigger than I had tackled before. 

So, what was the problem I saw? 

If you need for example a lawyer, photographer, strategy consultant, board member, mentor, digital consultant or coder, the paths to finding these people just seemed too complicated. And after all, you probably already have some of these professionals (if not all of them) in your network. 

I saw there were a few options. I could think about who might be the right person, but with so many people among my contacts (thousands of them) it was simply too difficult – I just couldn’t remember them all or find the right person at the right time. In many cases you remember the right person later. And quite often you remember people based on just one of their skills, and not all the other things they can do. 

I could also call some of my friends, but they would probably have similar challenges. 

Then, we have digital channels. But if I were to google for help, I would just find ads and optimized content websites of companies. I couldn’t find the actual people in my network.  

If I were to use LinkedIn, it would give me results of people in big companies and not the best ones. I could of course always ask around on LinkedIn and Facebook, but then I would get the answers of people who were online. And most likely the best people, the people I want to find, would be at work, doing their work, and I wouldn’t find them. 

Then, there are those freelance platforms, but most likely, I wouldn’t find my own networked knowledge workers there.

My question was why couldn’t digital channels help me to find the right people from my network?

I thought about the biggest issues involved:

They aren’t built on trusted connections or relationships.
Or they once were, maybe, but not anymore. It was more about collecting people, even the ones you don’t really know, instead of collecting only the trusted ones. 

They have become advertising platforms
Do you remember when Facebook was free of content ads? Me neither. However, now it is full of ads and many people doing content marketing so you will remember them. What if we could free people from that content marketing? How much time would we save if people could actually work on their jobs and then find people if they want or need them?

They have become algorithm optimizing content marketing tools
To get engagement, many people and companies have decided to create content that is engaging, which means for example emotional content. Social media platforms also addict people to being there. 
If someone is good at something they do, why would they as my connections need to market to me with content or buy ads for me to remember them? I want to remember them always, and I don’t need to see them promoting themselves, except if they are available, especially the best and busiest people.

After thinking about all these changes, I started to consider why I got excited about social media in the first place. 

I needed to look back in time to 2007 when I initially got very excited about social media. 

The reason I loved the idea of it was the possibilities that it gave to us. We could suddenly find people, create new things, learn new things, get more freedom, solve the big problems, understand each other better. 

However, the more time went by, the more I saw social media companies were moving fast and breaking things. I started to think that social media was broken.

And on top of these issues, I started to think that it is time for a platform that would be more human to human.

The more I started to think about this, the more I felt pressure to start building this dream. I needed to start building Prönö. 

On Prönö, you can have all your trusted and recommended people in one place so that you can always find the right prönös at the right time to combine your forces with.

Everyone who joins Prönö needs to understand that it is like no other platform at the moment. It relies on trust and helping others and giving everyone more opportunities in today’s business world. 

We are now working on the last bugs and features, so we can launch Prönö outside our test group. We can’t wait to show it to the world.

Do you want to be part of this?

Prönö is an invitation-only platform but you can get to our waiting list if you leave your email below.


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