What is Prönö Help Hub?

We understand how crucial it is to find the right people at the right time. And to think beyond the obvious. Because in the end, what you can’t imagine, someone else can. This is how you build something exceptional. And go even beyond your imagination.

We have built the Prönö Help Hub because we believe we should not have to use 1-to-1 emails or phone calls to find someone who can help you. Help Hub is a place where you can ask for help, offer help or recommend others. 

It is a place for both big and small needs.

It is built to make seeking and offering help as easy as humanly possible.

How do I seek help on the Prönö Help Hub?

If you need help, but cannot think of someone who can help you. Visit the Help Hub

Instead of googling for a service provider or a do-it-yourself solutions, you can simply seek help.

You can choose how wide you want to spread your help request and how detailed you want to be. 

It’s that simple. Let’s see what happens on the other side of the table after you have posted your request.

How do I offer help on the Help Hub?

If you are actively looking for new projects, you should definitely visit here frequently. On the Prönö Help Hub you can see when somebody is looking for help in your area of expertise. 

When you see an interesting help request – you can comment on it and say that you would be happy to help. 

If you haven’t joined the advisory pool on their profile already, go and do it as soon as possible, so they don’t forget you. When the person asking for help is ready to move forward with one or some of you, they can get in touch with you.

How do I communicate on the Help Hub?

So you have asked for help, and hopefully received a lot of responses. Now, you can contact those who you want to work with. 

Save all the interesting professionals to your circles, so you will remember them for your future needs as well. If you want them to contact you, make sure you share your contact information on your profile.

When you’ve received enough approaches, go and thank everybody who offered to help you in the comment box.

Be a prönö: Respect others.

How do I recommend someone for a help request?

Prönö is about helping others. 

That’s why we have tried to make it as simple as possible to recommend the people you know, to someone who needs help.

When you spot a help request on the Help Hub, you can recommend someone who you trust and think might be able to help. You can either select people from your circles or mention someone in the comment box. Either way, it’s super easy.

The more people you recommend, the easier it is for all of us to find the best people.  

Our goal is for every need to be addressed with just a few clicks instead of endless browsing and searching, offers and requests. That’s why we created Help Hub!

Let’s save each other’s time for more important things. 

Go to Help Hub to find the right people. Be a prönö and ask or offer help!


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