How to apply for a position on Prönö

We want to make all the talent in the world available for companies who are working for a more sustainable future.  That is why we have made applying for an open position as easy as humanly possible.

How to apply?

If you already have a profile on our platform, you can simply
1. Sign up to Prönö
2. Find the company that has an open opportunity from the Search.
3. Add yourself to their talent pool by clicking on the button “I am here if you need me”.

That’s it. There is no separate cover letter or CV’s. As we said – as easy as humanly possible.

If you do not yet have a profile on our platform, you have only two additional steps
1. Sign up and answers the questions in the onboarding process
2. Update your profile information to make it as good as, or even better than, on your favorite social media profile.

You will be added to their talent and advisory pool, and then they can find you for this position as well as others that are coming up. With Prönö, there’s no application, CVs or phone calls just yet. Just one click.

What will happen next?

There is an application deadline mentioned in the opportunity post. On that day all the professionals on that profile will be filtered based on their profession and expertise. Candidates that meet the criteria will be listed and evaluated.

Depending on the number and quality of the candidates the company may do a second round with follow-up questions to dive deeper into why you and why now. So simply put – you will hear from us inside one week from the application deadline.

What could go wrong?

If you contact the customer directly, you will be automatically removed from their circle and not considered for the position.

If you have selected the wrong profession and/or expertise areas in your profile, you will automatically be filtered out and not even get contacted. So be sure to select the right Profession. If you want to apply for multiple positions in different profession areas (for example (marketing AND Communications AND Strategy) at the same time, please upgrade to PRO and add more professions (and you will also be found more often).

Why should all application processes be done this way?

The way we see it is that you should not be applying for a position, but for a company, you would love to work for and with whom you share the same goals. Doing it this way saves a lot of time for all parties.

The company can make the 1st cut using the profiles and not having to read long cover letters. And they can focus on their work knowing that all interested and potential candidates will be found in their talent pool – now, but also in the future.

Even if you miss out on an opportunity post that we share in our channels, you will automatically be considered for that position if you have previously added yourself to their talent pool.

How can I increase my chances of being selected?

On Prönö, your profile is you. Work on your bio, values and dreams to share more about yourself. Link up your social media accounts, and if you want to make it easy to promote your experience, import it directly from LinkedIn.

Your profession dictates the opportunities you are able to find. If you want to increase your number of listed professions from 1 to 3, you can upgrade to Pro for only 20€ / month. Then, you will also be able to make yourself available to up to 50 companies on our platform (instead of 5) and be found directly from the pools of many more companies. With a Pro subscription you can also get recommended by anyone on the platform. This is by far the best way to get selected for new opportunities and also be found automatically when companies are looking for your skills.

Who can I call to ask questions about an opportunity?

At this point of the Prönö application process there is no need to contact anyone. We want to save everyone time. It takes only one click to show you are available, and if you do get a follow up call or email, that is the right time to dive deeper into the details of the opportunity. Maybe use your time to make your profile shine or make yourself available for other companies and positions as well.

If you have questions regarding the position or how the process works, you can contact us here, but please do understand that promoting yourself or expertise to us is of no use, as we are not the decision makers about any of the positions. We are merely delivering you the opportunities.

What to do next

1. Sign in to Prönö (or create your business profile).
2. Find a company with the right open opportunity for you.
3. Just click “I’m here if you need me”.
4. Update your profile.

5. (Upgrade to Pro to add more professions.)
6. (Get recommended by others.)


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