How to become an Advisory Board Member?

Have you dreamed about becoming an Advisory Board Member?
Prönö is here to help you. Our advisory services platform is the right place for you to start making your dreams come true.

Join us for a morning coffee session to hear all about Advisory Boards. Prönö CEO and Founder Helene Auramo will explain how to find a perfect advisory board position for you, and how Prönö could help you with it.

Morning coffee sessions will be organised in Finnish and in English.

In Finnish: Tuesday 18.1.2022 at 9AM
In English: Wednesday 19.1.2022 at 9AM

And it’s free to join! Register now

Morning Coffee themes: 

  • What is an Advisory board?
  • How can you find an Advisory Board member position?
  • How to be an effective Advisory Board member?
  • Benefits of the Advisory Board for companies
    + Open discussion 


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