Prönö – for whom?

Prönö is for those who have a burning need to find solutions and ways to do things in the best possible way. Everyone can be a prönö – it’s a state of mind.

Entrepreneurially minded people are the one who want to do things differently and find solutions to problems. They see challenges, not problems. 

With an entrepreneurial mind and attitude, you don’t need to have your own company or success story already. You might be seeking goals that you know are on their way.

If you already have your dream job, doing what you love or even dreaming about your professional future is enough to consider yourself a prönö. 

If you always want to be best version of yourselves – you are already prönö!

At Prönö, we believe being entrepreneurially minded is about your attitude and how you act. You can have an entrepreneurial attitude if you don’t have your own company or plans to build one. Prönös can grow their talent and do what they love while working for someone else too, but they always want to do their best


In Finland, an entrepreneur is called a yrittäjä, or “trier”. The word itself suggests that an entrepreneur is just trying, but most likely won’t succeed. And “entrepreneur” is impossible for most Finns to pronounce. That’s why we coined the term “prönö”. And you pronounce it “prö-nö” or “pruh·nuh”. We exist because we want to help all the ambitious entrepreneurially minded people out there – prönös – to succeed. First to help them to get their ideas off the ground and later to grow their business.


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