Prönö Impact Accelerator

Apply for our first accelerator program starting in August!

Prönö Impact Accelerator is built to solve the most common problem every startup is facing at some point along the way – Go-To-Market. 

Oftentimes, early-stage startups are highly technical and lack the skills and resources to scale up their number of leads. Sometimes, the will and the tools are there, but the strategy is missing or the messaging is unclear. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone in trying to scale your efforts.

Simply put: You have the innovation, but you are not seeing the needed results.

Here’s the solution

We are combining the expertise of our own team, our network of 3000+ advisors and AI-powered sales software to help you validate your innovation in the desired target market faster than ever before. With AI-powered tools and models that have been tested in multiple markets, we can fine-tune your value proposition. You will be able to work with advisors who can validate your value proposition and give you crucial market understanding. And last but not least, we will deliver your message into the target market on your behalf.   

With this 2-month program you will be able to multiply the number of outreaches and customer discussions in the desired target market – and get top advice to validate your value proposition and go-to-market strategy. You can focus on development and gathering crucial feedback from customers while we keep ‘em coming in.

So if you are struggling with your growth or are looking to enter a new market segment or are short on industry expertise, act now. Let’s create the traction you need – so you can get the investment you are looking for, or the growth that your innovation deserves. 

Book a meeting with us today to apply. The application period for the August 2022 program closes 10.6. or when we run out of seats, so don’t wait.

The program is built on your needs and situation. Pricing varies accordingly. We do not take equity or make investments, but we can connect you to professionals that do.

Book a meeting with us to discuss more about the program and tailor it to your needs. 


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