Your Prönö profile in 5 minutes

There are two ways to sell your 1-to-1 virtual sessions on Prönö. And both are really simple.

First, you can start selling your sessions through your public Prönö Sessions link. You can share this link via your social media channels, emails, presentations or website – in other words, anywhere you want. This link makes it super easy for people who already know about you to buy your advice. 

Second, you can be listed on the Prönö marketplace for people and companies to find you based on your expertise, skills, values and goals. 

It takes only 5 minutes to create a profile and make it shine – to start selling your sessions automatically. 

Your profile text is how people can get a glimpse of who you are. 

Make sure you have written your subscription text. Make it short and sweet.

Example:  I’ve been an entrepreneur for 15+ years. Some companies I have founded include Prönö, Slush, Indiedays, Zipipop. I’m also a board member at Fodelia, Sijoitusasunnot.com Group, and Luonkos

Where to find it? You can find it on your Profile Settings – General. 

Add your professions and how you can serve and help others

This section is the most important one, as people will book sessions with you (and pay for them) based on your texts.

On Prönö, you can be shown under your top 3 professions. First, select the primary profession associated with how you can help others. Then, under each profession, you can select your fields of expertise (up to 3 areas), and you can also include how you can serve others. 

Where can you set your professions and areas of expertise? Just go to Profile Settings – Services.

Add your price level 

Each Prönö Session is a 50 minute 1-to-1 session. (Read more about them here.) 

You can set your price level from pro bono to 300€ + VAT/hour. If you want to charge higher prices, you will need to contact our sales team. We want to talk with everyone offering services at prices over 300€ + VAT. 

Where to find it? If you haven’t set up your price stage or you want to change it, you can find it on your Profile Settings – Services

Select the languages in which you offer your services

We would like everyone to offer services in English, but other languages are also excellent to add. We want you to have excellent language skills in the languages you select. 

Where to find it? Go to Profile Settings – Services (under pricing section) See the photo above.

If you are serious about selling your sessions and serving others, add more key details. 

The following profile features are not essential, but we hope you add these as well to enable us to find you better matches and for people to better understand what you stand for and who you are.

Add your values
We believe that values should guide us in everything we do. What are the values that make you, YOU? Do they perhaps include love, creativity, peace, curiosity, fairness? Add 3 of your values here. Try to pick your top three. 

Where to find it? Profile Settings – Values

Add your UN sustainable development goals
Which of the SDGs are most important to you? You can select 5 based on the order of their importance. 

Where to find it? Profile Settings – Values

Add your links 
You should also add links for people to find out more about you. You can add links to your social media, blogs, websites, portfolio or company or even articles that have featured you. It is up to you

Where can you set your links? Just go to Profile Settings – Links.

Want to be found in more specific areas – import your LinkedIn CV with just a few clicks.

There are other suggestions to help more people find you too, such as importing your LinkedIn profile information to Prönö in just a few clicks. We highly recommend doing this if you want to be found on our platform. 

Read more how to stand out with your profile on Prönö here.


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