New way to monetize your expertise – sell your Sessions on Prönö

Here’s what you get when you create your profile for our Prönö marketplace. Get paid for your expertise through 1-to-1 sessions online and gain access to a growing database of hundreds of companies.

How easy is it to buy services from you right now?

Are you looking to monetize your expertise? If you aren’t connecting with potential customers, then it is time to streamline the process with Prönö. Today, it can take days if not weeks with all the back-and-forth messaging between you and your potential customer. Scheduling, availability, pricing, negotiating, delays, followups, cancellations – all of these hurdles are probably very familiar to you as an experienced professional at any level. And once you’ve finally handled these issues, you haven’t even begun the actual work yet!  

We can simplify the entire process for you. 

  • Create your profile and select pricing for your 1-on-1 sessions.
  • Share your profile on your website and social media channels and
  • be found in Prönö advisory marketplace.
  • Anyone who finds you can request your advice with just the click of a button. 

You are also able to share your public profile on social media accounts and share it with anyone who is interested in your services. It’s like adding a “Book a 1-on-1 session” button to your website.

With this no-nonsense approach, you can get straight to the actual work. 

And the best is yet to come.

There’s no need to request billing details, negotiate payment schedules or handle cancellations and reimbursements. We will take care of the billing and other administrative tasks – and let you focus on what you do best. You pay only a 20% service fee and save a ton of money and trouble. 

Just think about how many hours you spend every year talking to new people who are potential customers that you might be able to help. Prönö gives you the possibility to get started providing advice and getting paid for these sessions, and all you need to do is claim your profile.

How much time are you spending generating leads? 

Prospecting and looking for someone who needs your expertise takes a lot of time and money. On Prönö, you can see which companies share your goals and are actively looking for your expertise. If spending your time trying to find new leads is not for you, here’s how we can help you.

You can access the hundreds of impact companies on our platform. Select the ones that are already looking for your expertise or the ones that simply share your values. Offer your services directly to any company with just one click. 

You don’t need to find contact details for these companies – because it takes only one click to add yourself to their advisory pool. You don’t have to come back every day – because they will let you know when you are needed.

We might not be able to fill up your calendar in a heartbeat, but we can give you access to hundreds of companies and decision-makers at the price of your favorite streaming service. There are new opportunities coming in every single day, and it is up to you whether they find you or not.

Getting to work on something more meaningful has never been this easy. Spend your time on what you want – not on administrative hassles. 

You can still save 50% on your 12-month Prönö subscription, but act fast! This offer is only valid for a limited time. Use the code ADVISOR50 to get 50% from yearly subscription.


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