Why to tell others about your professional dreams?

As prönös (entrepreneurial-minded people), we are always looking for new opportunities, not just when we need to find a new job. Prönös are bold enough to tell others about their professional dreams. Because we never know what might happen if we say them out loud!

We believe that if you tell others about your dreams, wishes or hopes, you might find other people who can help you go further. And a dream can then start becoming a reality. For big dreams, other people often play key roles, as you will probably need help, whether it is with coding, designing, marketing or sales. And it is also always good to remember that what you can’t imagine someone else can – so many dreams can have vague beginnings.

Making your dreams reality is also one of the core elements of the Prönö platform. We want to encourage people to share their intentions, dreams, values and needs for guidance – and at the same time, for people to catch each other’s dreams. We believe this makes miracles possible.

How do you find your dream?

There is no place or way to force your dream to appear. Many say that you need to feel it or see it in your head. We suggest that you try to find your values first or the things that excite you the most. Often, this happens at the intersection of hopes and passions. 

Your dream can be big or small. There can be many or just one. It is you who will decide. 

And like Steve Jobs said: 
“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.” Sometimes your dream is something that someone else has started, and then you just better jump into that opportunity.”

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes

Each dream is as unique as its dreamer, so don’t limit yourself when you are pondering your future or sharing your aspirations with others.

Dreams can be very abstract: 

Imagine all the people living life in peace

Imagine all the people sharing all the world

You may say I’m a dreamer,
But I’m not the only one.

-John Lennon

Or very concrete: 

One day I want to be able to co-found a café.”

I want to have a conscious business that can help in solving the climate change challenge.“ 

“I want to see my company grow and really make an impact.”

What is your dream?

Have you said it out loud?

Whether your dream is already taking off or only taking shape, Prönö is the platform where you can find other professionals to help make it come true. Together, prönös can achieve the impossible.

To stay up to date about Prönö’s beta and upcoming launch, join our waitlist here.


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