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In the past, finding advisors could be time consuming and expensive. But not anymore. You tell us what you are looking for, and we find you the right matches. 

What are the benefits of an advisory board?

Advisory boards, which are not legal entities like boards of directors, have several advantages.

The benefits include: 

  • Advisory board members can offer invaluable advice
  • Executives can learn from the advisors
  • Decision-making can be faster
  • Businesses can make better decisions
  • Accountability to advisors can increase performance
  • Advisory boards build credibility and provide connections.
  • It’s fun to work with exceptional people

What is an advisory board

An advisory board provides strategic advice to the management of an organization. Unlike a board of directors, an advisory board does not have authority to vote on corporate matters, nor does it bear legal fiduciary responsibilities.


Many new and small businesses choose to have advisory boards in order to benefit from the knowledge of others, without the expense or formality of a board of directors.

Want to find advisors for your business?

Sofia Salmi

PIHKA collection found their new advisors on Prönö.

Read how PIHKA built their advisory board. 

“We were so excited to find so many high-level professionals interested in joining our advisory board. I can sincerely recommend Prönö for all sustainable companies that are looking for advisory board members to join their team.”

Partner & CEO, Pihka Collection
Sofia Salmi

Sofia Salmi

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How do we find your next advisor?

Our process is simple but effective: 

1. We already know which of the 3000+ professionals are interested in becoming and advisor and we can reach them with ease.

2. We source potential alternatives based on expertise, geography, and industry. 

3. You meet the candidates you want and select the right ones.

Silent or private search

You can choose your search to match your situation. 


If you don’t want to make your search pin public, we can go incognito. If you want to find as many alternatives as possible, as soon as possible – we can boost the visibility with marketing and advertising.


We help you to find the right advisors for your business. Book a 15-mins meeting or contact us. 

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