Changing the way board
members are found

Finding the right board members for your company might be one of the most important decisions. 

In the past, building a board could be time consuming and expensive. But not anymore. You tell us what type of person you are looking for, and we find you the right matches. 

How do we find your next board member?

Our process is simple but effective: 


1. We already know which of the 3000+ professionals are interested in board positions, and we can reach them with ease.


2. We source potential alternatives based on expertise, geography, and industry. 


3. You meet the candidates you want and select the right ones.

Silent or private search


You can choose your search to match your situation. 


If you don’t want to make your search public, we can do all the work behind the scenes.


If you want to find as many alternatives as possible, as soon as possible, we can boost the visibility with marketing and advertising. 

We recommend more diverse boards

Diverse boards are more innovative and can make better decisions. And we actively research this topic. 


Since 2020, we have conducted a study of the diversity and members of publicly listed Finnish companies.  


You can download the latest study below. 


Our promise: When prospecting for your next board members, we always weigh our search to include at least 50% women. 

Platform for doers and changemakers

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Advisory board for your business?

Sometimes instead of building a board, advisory boards might be the right way to go.

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