Think differently.
Learn and grow.

All made possible by the advisors, coaches and changemakers on Prönö

Think differently.
Learn and grow.

All made possible by advisors, coaches and changemakers on Prönö

Always find advice, fresh perspectives and inspiring knowledge

In the global and digitalized world, there is always someone available to have a 1-to-1 session with and learn something new from.

There are 3000+ professionals in our community ready to give advice.


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Servant leaders can offer Prönö credits for their employees to book sessions with to learn and grow.


Prönö is an excellent service that can be used to attract & retain talent in the competitive landscape. It also enables you to manage and increase knowledge within your organization.


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No one ever managed to do anything particularly important all alone. That is why we have created an advisory platform available at your fingertips. 

On Prönö, you’ll find changemakers, advisors and coaches coming together with impact companies to co-create a brighter future. 


Through the Prönö platform you can find advice and book 1-to-1 sessions with advisors, changemakers and coaches with just a few clicks.

Each Prönö Session is a 50-minute virtual 1-to-1 meeting with the advisor, coach or changemaker you have booked. 


It is a conversation between two people, not a presentation. 


The customer sets the discussion topics beforehand (maximum 3 different questions/themes). 


The advisor accepts the session if it is in the right scope, and the customer pays for the session in advance via Prönö. 


Before the session, the advisor prepares for 5 minutes for the meeting. 


After the session, the advisor sends meeting notes and the top three recommendations to the customer. 


The advisor then gets paid via Prönö after the session.

Prönö has 3000+ professionals and 200+ companies. 


If you have expertise you want to commercialize or you are interested in board and/or advisory board positions, Prönö is the place to go. 


On Prönö you can find advisors, coaches, and changemakers from many different fields, including entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, sales, product development, legal, and finance. 


Join Prönö as a changemaker, coach or advisor and start selling your sessions OR as a professional who is interested in buying services.

You can buy Prönö Sessions directly on the profile of any professional on our platform by clicking “Book a 1-to-1 session” button. You can pay via Stripe with your credit card (e.g. Visa and Mastercard). See all accepted credit cards here.

Prönö is built for impact companies to easily find advisors, coaches and changemakers to help them move forward. Impact companies can book sessions easily.  


All advisors, coaches, and changemakers can join your advisory pool, so you can find them easily. Many in the pools are offering the first session for you for free. 


If you are part of an impact company, you can create your company profile free here. 

Prönö is for innovative companies and organizations that want to manage and increase knowledge and create a knowledge-based, innovations-driven culture. 


Prönö helps to attract, hire, engage and retain talent. Prönö improves performance in specific areas with subject matter experts.

Prönö was founded by Helene Auramo. She is an entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Slush (Europe’s biggest startup event), Zipipop (the first social media agency in Finland) and Indiedays (the first fashion blogger site in Finland). Read more about the core team here.

Prönö is backed by a core group of experienced investors that includes Christian Berte and Taneli Tikka. You can read more about our investors here