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Prönö is a platform where people trust each other, dare to dream and find others who can help those dreams become reality.


When you say your dream out loud on Prönö, it is one big step closer to happening. On Prönö, your dream will be surrounded by professionals from many different fields, and their expertise is the best way to push towards your boldest ambitions. 


Every day there are more talented people in all areas of life joining our platform. They share their stories, and most importantly, they recommend those people who have been able to help them along the way.

What if one of those people is the one who can help you make your dream come true? 

Let your dreams become reality

Say your dreams out loud on Prönö, and maybe others will help make them happen.


Want to be a dream maker?

Help others move forward to become part of their success stories. 


Serendipity changes lives

To make your dreams take off, encourage the unexpected, stimulate serendipity.


Find others with your values

Find and support other professionals who share your values and dreams.


Co-create value-based business

Find and support other professionals who share your values and dreams.


The future of work

Advance beyond old ways of doing business to new, more meaningful work habits.


Help on Prönö platform

Find like-minded people

Work with others who share your focus on sustainability, diversity & inclusion or equality.


Human-to-human, not B2B

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, employee or side hustler, your business is always human-to-human.