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Our mission is to make the best talents available for companies that are looking for a more sustainable future. We believe that if the best professionals focus their efforts on companies that are working for an impact instead of only profits – we have a chance to turn the tide as humankind.

As an investor, you are in a key role in the change towards a more sustainable future, and we want to help you make that change. There are at least four different co-operation opportunities for you and Prönö:

1. We can make the best talent in the World available for impact companies in your portfolio. You know they are looking – let us know and let’s start finding.

2. We can help you find investment opportunities in impact companies on our platform. We are working hard to help them become investment-ready, so you can select the best of them. Sign up to hear about new opportunities and be invited to participate in investor sessions.

3. Become an advisor in any company on our platform. We have made it as easy as humanly possible (1-click-connect) for you to make yourself available for companies that are looking for investments. As an investor, you can now upgrade to premium with a -50% discount and 10X your opportunities. 



We have finished our angel round and are scaling our platform from Finland to all around the World. Read more about our investors here.

The next investment round is scheduled for 2022.

We can give professionals a unique opportunity to work on something truly meaningful and make amazing talents available for companies that are working for a more sustainable future. 


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