How can Prönö help service providers?

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Who is it for?

If your company is providing business services, like marketing, consulting, design, sales and so forth, and you want to work with customers who are working towards a more sustainable future, Prönö is built for you.


You can be found by your expertise, and all of your employees can offer their expertise to companies that they would love to help.


And we will promote your services to those who need help with what you are best at.

Prönös in line

Benefits for your company

1. Each member of your company on Prönö becomes your ambassador, and all it takes for them to offer your services to potential customers is one click.


2. You can grow your own talent circle with freelancers and potential future employees without lifting a finger.


3. We will promote your services to impact organizations on the platform.

Grow and manage your talent pool

If you do not already have a dedicated talent management system, Prönö is a good place to start.


You can create a profile for free and redirect all the incoming approaches to us. Your talent circle will grow without you having to manage or update it every single day.


Because we are a platform with thousands of professionals already onboard, unlike other talent management tools, we can also connect you to potential candidates – like we did for Vapaus.

How to apply and get started

We offer complimentary in-person onboarding for each service provider to find out what are your goals and get to show you first hand how you can achieve those goals.


You can set up your service provider profile for only 249€ / month to get access to over 100 impact companies on the platform already.


Book a meeting with us to find out more and start making an impact.

Why do it now?

The sooner you enter the more action you will be able to create. It’s as simple as that.


If you want to be associated with themes like a more sustainable future, equality and helping others, shouldn’t you start working on those goals now?


Welcome! <3

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Do you want to hear more about our organization profiles?

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