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No one ever did anything amazing alone

We all need partners, so ask for help from the best professionals, any time.


Help with tasks of all sizes

There’s no question too small to ask or problem too large to solve together.

Prönö dreams

Find help faster

Find help from the best faster and easier, directly from your organized Prönö Circle.

Want to spar, mentor or volunteer?

Money isn’t necessary to create something amazing, so give to the community, and maybe get back.

Help others – connect them

Feel great from doing good – recommend the best professionals you know to support their work.

Stop selling, start helping

No more interruptions – you’ll know when a business need arises, without bothering your connections.

Know when you’re needed

Keep in touch with the people you love working with, through your Prönö Circle.

Creating value, not volume

Because everyone’s time is precious, we focus on value, not overloading people with volume.

Share your dreams

Prönö is a space to share ideas within your network – and spark serendipity.