How does our service for organizations work?

(and how can you join our early bird program for free?)

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Who is it for?

Prönö organization profiles are for you if see yourself in one the following situations:


1. You are working with multiple partners and/or service providers, but do not have a dedicated system to manage or grow that network.


2. You are receiving a lot of sales approaches from companies and experts who would like to offer you their services, but you do not have time to manage these approaches.


3. You would simply like to grow your talent pool.

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How do I set up an account?

Setting up an account is super simple. Just fill the form below. No credit card needed!


1. Fill in the basic details of your organization at the bottom of the page (and we will set up your account on the platform).


2. We will send you step-by-step instructions in your inbox.


3. Jump into the platform. Add missing information and select the expertise areas in which you hope to connect with the best talent (and we will do campaigns to find them for you).


4. Show your organization’s values, mission & purpose to spark the interest of the experts you want to find.


Now your profile is ready to go live! And all the experts can offer you their services without interrupting you, by simply clicking “I’m here if you need me” (and our platform organizes all of them for you).

What are the benefits of setting up your organization profile on Prönö?

1. Attract like-minded talents that are excited about your vision, purpose or values.


2. Grow your network of talented freelancers and service providers.


3. Always know who wants to help you, when you need them.


All this will save you time and let you focus on your business and current projects.


What is a Prönö organization profile NOT FOR?

1. Marketing your services. We do not have a feed where you can promote or advertise your services, but you can showcase your expertise in your user profile in various ways.


2. Selling your services. You can however invite all your relevant employees to the platform, and they can offer their expertise and services to other organizations on the platform with just one click.


An organization profile is for attracting the right talent in the areas you need and always knowing who wants to help.


Why do it now?

1. You can become one of the early birds (there’s still a few spots left), and get the 1st year for free. And we will also do the first campaigns for you for free. 


2. Your Circle will start to grow, and you’ll be able to find help quickly when you need it.


3. You’ll be able to attract talent that has not heard of you before.


And you will be one of the cool kids 😎


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Do you want to hear more about our organization profiles?

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Do you want to hear more about our organization profiles?

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