Advice-as-a-Service for Companies

Reach your next goal with top professionals.

We and our 3000+ advisors help companies to achieve their goals.


Only two steps needed: Find advisors & book sessions with them. 

Grow faster with the right advisors

Through Prönö you and your whole team get access to 3000+ advisors.


You can book 1-to-1 sessions or roundtable sessions with top advisors with just a few clicks. Everything else is automated for your convenience.

Leaders, CxOs and HR 

We understand the pace in today’s business world is enormous.  Prönö empowers employees and leaders by increasing engagement, learning, and creating new opportunities for your business.



Prönö helps employees to learn and get results faster than ever. We offer employees the freedom to choose who to work with. 

Easy to get started and scale


Track the progress and sessions.


Scale your business with our software platform and a global pool of advisors and coaches.


Get advisors whenever with our platform solution. Change advisors easily.


We handle the transactions between the advisors and companies automatically.

How does it work?

Prönö is the platform where you and your team can book sessions and organize roundtable sessions with 3000+ advisors. This is how you can get started:

Create a company account and invite your team to Prönö.

When you are looking for help with achieving your goals, simply add credits to your account and start booking sessions.

You can stop searching and simply start booking sessions with some of the best in business. Find advisors based on professions, expertise, goals and values. Transparent pricing and one-click-booking give you the ability to move faster than ever. Our team is here to help you get what you need.  Try for free!

You can stop trying to solve each problem yourself and start growing faster with the help of mission-driven advisors who share your goals. You only have one life – be a Prönö.

Start finding advisors for your company.