Manage your circle to find the best fit

There is no limit to how large your partner network can grow on Prönö. Actually, the bigger the better. And we want to make it as easy as possible for them. All they have to do is click one button “I’m here if you need me, and they will show up”.

The difference between Prönö and email or some other more complicated systems, like custom CRM’s is simplicity. You will be able to see and browse all the service providers in one view or use filters. And the biggest difference is that

All the people in your organization’s circle want to work with you. But you decide who you want to work with. 

Common use case id that you have a specific need fro expertise, let’s say in the marketing. you filter by marketing and if the list is too long or you want to be sure you have relevant candidates to use your time on, you can also sort by specific expertise, in this case Marketing automation.

Different kind of example could be feedback or sparring. You have a new idea, but might want to bounce it aruond with some one who has your best interests in mind. In this case the expertise of your circle might not be the most important thing, so just use the third filter and select sparring to see if there are professionals whose opinions you would appreciate. And simply call or email them to see if they want to help you. If you want a larger audience, you can reach them in the Help Hub by adding them to your circle. 

We are always looking for new ways to develop the service to fit the needs of you, our partner organizations – so do not hesitate to tell us what are the functionalities that suit your needs.


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