"Just like word of mouth - but faster."

Recommendations highlight the best professionals

and you can be one of them!

Prönö provides a space where you can find the best people to grow and be curious with.

By making recommendations you can show respect to those who deserve it and get it back also. Instead of people calling you to ask who you would recommend for a job, they can see it automatically in your Circle. And vice versa – you can also see who they recommend and trust. 


Gather the best professionals around you by inviting all the best people you know while also getting recommended yourself. On Prönö, what goes around comes around.

Recommendations on Prönö platform
Diverse boards

Show your interest in new opportunities

and quickly find people who are ready to help you.  


On Prönö, you can build your own Circle of people from all areas of life. No more randomly connecting people, but instead a categorized network of real professionals. Always find the prönö who can help you move forward.  


You can add both people you want to recommend to others as well as people you want to work with – and show them. Prönö completes your puzzle by finding the missing pieces.


and find the best people to grow with.


Prönö is full of professionals who are each recommended by somebody. This creates trust when seeking help or advice and getting help on Prönö. You desire the help of those you ask for and who might be the best fit for your success. 


On Prönö, you can see who is willing to help you without being bombarded by all the sales calls and emails. Your extended network will be filled with professionals who want to help you – always easily found and reached.

We want to provide a space where you can find people to grow with. When we talk about growth, we mean growing as a human being, always learning new things, but also growing your business with the right people. 

Help on Prönö platform
Prönö Circles


by offering your services to only those who need them.

We can leap ahead to the future of the business world. On Prönö, you can only offer services and help for those who need them. And even better, you can always be found when another person’s need is in your sweet spot! 


On Prönö, you can see who is looking for advice or a partner in your field of expertise. And you’re always able to show that you would love to work with them some day. Let others know what you can do to help them.

We all want to get the ball rolling and not get bombarded by emails and interrupting cold calls. We can do it in a way that generates value for all of us. On Prönö, you can use your time wisely.  

Make your professional dreams and goals come true like never before.

Prönö is a platform where people trust each other,
dare to dream and find others who can help those dreams become reality.


When you say your dream out loud on Prönö, it is one big step closer to happening. On Prönö, your dream will be surrounded by professionals from many different fields, and their expertise is the best way to push towards your boldest ambitions. 


Every day there are more talented people in all areas of life joining our platform. They share their stories, and most importantly, they recommend those people who have been able to help them along the way.


What if one of those people is the one who can help you make your dream come true? 

Dream comes true on Prönö


Don’t hide yourself. Give and get recommendations. 

Become a real prönö and found through recommendations.


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