New buttons on profiles: Offer your help and save the best professionals

Based on feedback, we have updated the buttons on profiles. Now it’s super easy to offer your expertise and save the best professionals.

So, what’s new?

Be found by simply clicking on “I’m here if you need me”

With this new button, you can tell other prönös you want to work with them.
👉 Click “I’m here if you need me” on their profile and you will be found in their circles. Offer your help to anyone 😊  and be found when they need your expertise.

Manage your circles – Save the prönös you want to remember

You can save prönös to remember and find them easily in your circles. They will not know you’ve added them, so you can collect your own “contact list” for later use.

👉 Click “Save” to have all the best professionals categorized in your circles and always easily found!


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