Prönö public profiles – be found outside of Prönö too

Until today, Prönö profiles have not been visible outside the platform. But now you have the option of going public! All who have joined Prönö can now share their future business profile with anyone. 

Get found, saved, recommended and helped more easily than ever before. 

Why do we do this?

The best experts are working and not hanging around on social media. 

Social media is full of content and connections. It is very difficult to be remembered unless you are a social media pro spending hours every day on social media. Great professionals do not appear in our feeds when algorithms make decisions about the content we see.

We want to help busy professionals to be remembered even though they don’t have time to market themselves on different channels.

Prönö is about saving time.

You can share your public profile everywhere, to show your expertise and what you are interested in doing, such as sparring, mentoring, consulting and being on boards and advisory boards. When people are looking for your expertise, you will be even more easily found in their circles. 

Maybe someone has excellent skills, values and dreams, but now is not the right time to work together. So maybe you want to save that person or tell the person that you would like to work together some day. Now, you can do that, and when the need arises and the time is right, you will find them with just a few clicks. 

As many experienced people are multitalented, with lots of different areas of expertise, you can’t really be remembered by all the skills you are interested in offering. Also, as you know, many social media sites are built for just one link to be shared. We wanted to create a site where you can add all your relevant links to one page and have an overview of your professional profile so that people can save you based on your expertise and offerings as easily as possible. 

Prönö public profiles provide a great opportunity to show your values, areas of expertise, offerings, recommendations and most relevant web pages to anyone. All in one place – your sharable public Prönö profile. 

What is a prönö public profile?

All your links in one place.

You might have many projects, businesses, social media pages, blogs, webshops or anything else you want to share. By adding all those important links to your profile, you ensure anyone can find out what you are doing. That’s what makes you well… YOU<3 

Shortcut to your business profile. 

Your public profile is like a shortcut to your future business profile on Prönö. Anyone can see your professional fields and areas of expertise, but your values are visible too. We believe those are at least as important when finding new people to work with. To build more trust in your expertise, all those who recommend you on Prönö are shown on your public profile. 

Be easily found – and remembered!

When you share your public profile, anyone can easily save you, recommend you and offer help to you in your business or professional life. You will find those people in your Prönö circles, categorized by their professions, values and offerings. 

So, go to your profile. Find the public profile link. Share it. Show the world your future business profile. See all the people who are ready to work with you. 

And because we are a humane business that thinks about ethics every day when making decisions. That’s why it’s possible for everyone to choose if they want their profile be public or not.

This is what Prönö public profile looks like:

If you are not yet on Prönö. You can join here!


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