What’s up Prönö? We are lauching after holidays!

Time has flown by and many things have happened. Let’s ask Helene (CEO & Founder of Prönö) some questions about the past year and what will happen next. 

How would you describe 2020 so far at Prönö?

Helene: “This year has been a hectic and demanding one. I think everyone can agree on that. Covid changed many things for us as a company, but the biggest change was moving from our offices to working remotely. We used to have an office at Epicenter, Mikonkatu 9, Helsinki, but now we are based in my home. Everyone works remotely now, but Ella keeps visiting our temporary headquarters, which is lovely. She lives nearby our house, so it has been convenient for her. 🙂 We even have a desk for her here.” 

Ella: “When we carried our stuff from Epicenter, we had no clue how long we would be working from our home offices or how it would work. But all went surprisingly well, and we found such great tools for working remotely!

“But I have to admit that when Helene asked me to come to work at their home, I didn’t have any other thoughts beyond, ‘yes, of course!’ I remember how the sun was beaming (and so was I) when I went to the “new office” for the first time after isolation. My commute to work had never felt so good. Now I have my own spot, and it’s nice to work under the same roof with Helene again.” 

Helene: “I think we will not have an office again until the end of the year, at the earliest. This way of working is also preparing us to work globally. 

“Working remotely has been easy for us. We always worked remotely with Nordkapp guys, Kokoro & Moi people, Dottir and many others. We use Slack, Hangouts, Miro, Trello and many other digital tools on a daily basis. 

Otherwise, Covid didn’t affect our company that much, and none of us were sick or had anyone close to us get sick. We were lucky in that sense. We got a grant from ELY because of Covid, so we are happy and thankful for that.

How about the launch? When is it going to happen?

Helene: “After the summer holiday, we are finally launching our platform. It didn’t make sense to launch during the summer. Right now, test users are trying our platform, and we are fixing some bugs. 

“We have planned quite a lot for the launch, including a video with more than 40 people who have been part of our journey in some way. We are so thankful for these amazing people who believe in us. You know who you are. <3”

What happens next?

Helene: “We are leaving for a two-week summer holiday. And yes, startup entrepreneurs can have a holiday, and actually I see it as a must. 

“I don’t think it is cool or efficient or healthy to work 24/7. And I’m also a health coach. I think it is cool to work effectively and also spend time with your family and friends. And I also have Oura data to back this up, in case you disagree with me. 🙂 

“After the holiday, we will be at full speed in launching Prönö. We have also gathered advisory board team members and some other people to work with us. We will be looking for an investor or investors in the autumn.” 

What are your holiday plans?

Helene: “We just sold our house, so I will be cleaning and spending time with my kids and husband. I’m also taking the Female Game Changers Program with Canay Atalay to spend some time thinking about my life, business and goals, meditating and meeting new interesting leaders. I’m really looking forward to that. My plan is also to exercise and maybe just read good books and visit our summer cottage in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

Ella: “My plan is just to enjoy two weeks of the Finnish summer with my friends and family –  spend time at our summer cottage, have some summer parties and finalize the holiday mood with the Kalajoki beach soccer tournament.

“I will also take golf lessons and I have a plan to learn to play guitar, so we will see how relaxing a holiday this will be. 😀 But this short break will definitely be good. When we return to the office, we are ready to get the Prönö party started, and I can’t wait to launch all we have prepared this year!”

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