Prönö Academy

Welcome to Prönö Academy!

Prönö is the platform where need meets expertise.


Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, and we hope these videos provide you the proper support to make the most of our platform.

Why should you create circles?​

Prönö is a platform where you can create your own Circle or let others create an Extended Circle for you.


Recommend and get recommended to achieve your goals.

"Why bother, if you can just add to your Circle?"

Why use Prönö Search?

There are three key benefits to using Prönö search. Find out when to use it instead of Google.

How can you stand out?

Prönö is the place where the need meets the expertise, and where your profile shows your expertise. Find out how to make it shine.

Every day is a good day to grow...your Circle...your business.

How do you find help for any need?

There’s always somebody who can do it better than you. Let’s find out who it is.

Who do you want to work with?

Who you want to work with is 100% up to you. Choose for yourself – you only have one life. Share it by working with the best prönös.


"Are you ready to make your dreams come true?"