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By creating your profile to Prönö, you can get paid for your expertise, attend workshops, sell 1-on-1 sessions online, reach hundreds of organizations and become an advisor.

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Helping you become an advisor

Sell your services

Create your profile and select your pricing, and you are ready to sell your services to any on or off the platform and we will do the billing for you.

Attend and co-create in workshops

Get invited and attend workshops to share your expertise, learn from others and open new customer relationships.

Connect with impact companies

Add yourself to the advisory pool of any company on the platform with just one click and be found when you are needed.

Become an advisory board member

Hear about the advisory board opportunities in impact companies before others and apply with one click.


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Marketplace with a mission

At Prönö, we know your goal is to work on something meaningful.

On the Prönö platform, you can become an advisor, coach or changemaker and use their skills for the good of our planet and for the people.

Here is how Prönö works

Create your Prönö profile with your skills, expertise, values, SDGs and dreams for the Prönö marketplace

Set yourself a price for 1-on-1 sessions

Make yourself available to any company by adding yourself to their advisor pool with just one click

Be found for 1-one-1 sessions, workshops and advisory boards on our platform. Or share your public profile on your own channels. 

Sell 1-one-1 sessions to anyone on or off the platform easier than ever before. 

Know who are looking for your expertise

Prospecting and looking for someone who needs your expertise takes a lot of time and money. On Prönö, you can see which companies share your goals and are actively looking for your expertise.


You don’t need to try to find contact details for these companies – because it takes only one click to add yourself to their advisory pool. You don’t have to come back every day – because they will let you know when you are needed.


Getting to work on something more meaningful has never been this easy. See which of the NEW smart categories you would like to be included.


Get in now for 50% off with code ADVISOR50
(Code is valid limited time & for 12 months subscription only)

“In the knowledge economy, mental input and innovation are what matter the most. Prönö is a space for changemakers. It is a candy shop of brains, hearts and personalities. Open your horizons and step in!”

– Helene Auramo, CEO & Founder of Prönö