New Prönö Advisory Board member: Tero Ojanperä

We love when serendipity plays an unexpected role in our lives. That’s what happened with Prönö’s founder Helene Auramo and Tero Ojanperä.

Helene’s husband had booked a running meeting with Tero Ojanperä. They talked about many things, but at some point, Pasi had mentioned Prönö and suggested that Tero talk with Helene. 

Soon, they booked a virtual meetup on Google Hangouts. 

Tero’s first suggestion was that Helene should work on her pitch deck, as Helene recalls, “It was all over the place. Although I have worked with many pitch decks in the past, it is so much harder when you are doing your own thing. You just want to explain it all, even though you have to limit yourself. His feedback was very helpful.“ 

Helene’s initial interaction with Tero foreshadowed his role with Prönö today.

The thing I like most about Tero’s help with Prönö has been his role as a challenger and how he both keeps me thinking bigger and, at the same time, more focused on the most key things”, Helene notes.

“Because entrepreneurs have all the possibilities in the world ahead of them, focus can be also the biggest challenge. Tero has helped me keep to deadlines and stay focused. As he has worked in big companies and small startups, he has a really good understanding of both sides.”

He also has good frameworks for innovation and I love frameworks, because they structure my creativity”, Helene concludes.

If you’re interested in Tero’s work and insights, check out his Intelligent platforms blog here.

And be sure to look for his Prönö profile as well.

Tero is Chairman and Co-Founder of Silo.AI. Silo.AI is the largest private AI lab in the Nordics. Tero serves as a Member of the Board of DNA Ltd (Telenor Group), OP Financial Group, and Siili Ltd. He is Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of Vision+ Fund and Tailoframe.  Previously, he served as Nokia’s CTO and Chief Strategy Officer.

Tero was nominated as Young Global Leader of World Economic Forum 2006. He has been recognized as 7th Most Creative People In Business 2009 by Fast Company.  In his spare time, he enjoys Olympic weightlifting, boating, triathlon, and skiing.


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