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Always find the people in your circle that you actually want to work with.

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Drive business for the best professionals you know – and yourself – through recommendations.

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Search and sort based on area of expertise, country, your circle’s recommendations and more.

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Add yourself to a prönö’s circle if you’d love to work with them when needed.

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You will be found whenever needed – both in searches and when other prönös recommend you.

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Work with partners who want to work with you, not random companies and professionals found through search engines.


More business, less hassle

Use your network to open new business opportunities, instead of relying on constant marketing and sales.

Your network, organized

Smart categories help you find reliable help – and recommendations – from trusted contacts whenever needed.

Add anyone to your circle

Be visible – add someone to your Circle, so they’ll find you when you’re needed.

Trust, not shady algorithms

More human-to-human recommendations means you’ll be found more, without paying to be in search results.

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Stay top of mind without always advertising and creating content – just add your links, one time.

Your work speaks for itself

Replace short-lived likes and comments on social media feeds with recommendations that last.