What are talent & advisory pools on Prönö?

Talent & Advisory pools are the core of the Prönö platform. For professionals, pools offer unique opportunities to let companies know about them and their expertise. Our mission is to make the best talent in the world available to companies who are working for a more sustainable future. We build these companies’ diverse talent and advisory pools automatically.

All companies on Prönö have their own talent and advisory pools, which any professional can join with just one click. Companies use their pools as talent and advisory management systems, where they can start finding the best matches even before they do any public searches. This saves time, money and nerves because all the best professionals who want to work with your company will be automatically categorized into your pools. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Companies can select the groups they want to focus on growing in the future, but the pools are open for anyone – with no expertise limits. Prönö helps companies to tackle unexpected needs and make it possible to find help anytime from any field. Whenever they need an advisor, board member, or a key recruit, they always know where to start. Their talent pool updates automatically and is accessible to all the stakeholders in the company 24/7.

Through the glasses of the thousands of professionals on Prönö

We want to give all professionals an equal opportunity to help companies build a more sustainable future. On Prönö, professionals can choose who they would like to work with. Professionals can connect in advance with the most interesting companies they would like to work with to build a more sustainable future. Using Organization Search, they can find all the organizations that match their interests and goals on the platform. To find out who is the most interested in their expertise in the future, PRO-members can also use advanced filters to make even more detailed searches.

When a professional clicks just one button – “I’m here if you need me” – on any organization page, it means three things:

  1. They would like to with the chosen company
  2. They will be found from the organization’s talent & advisory pool in those categories they have selected to show on their own profile.
  3. They will be easy to find when the company needs their expertise.

And here’s an explanation for those who might be confused. Lately, we have also talked about organization circles. However, as we noticed, most organizations are specifically looking for talent and advisors to join their pools on Prönö, and we want to make connecting talent and organizations even clearer and easier to understand.

What to do next? Sign into Prönö (or create your business profile), search for all those organizations with the same goals as you and join their talent & advisory pools.


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