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If you are looking to grow you need technology. A lot of it. Finding information about different software is easier than possibly anything else. The likes of Hubspot, Salesforce and others are pioneers in pushing out free content and will be happy to have a discovery call with you any day of the week. 

But how do you know who to trust? Are the people you meet looking to help you or just to make their next sale? Wrong decisions can take you a long way into the wrong direction. 

Here’s where Prönö can help. Before meeting vendors, you need to decide on your sales strategy, align your goals with your available budget, and validate your plan with unbiased experts who have done it time and time again. Our Tech-enabled Sales Strategy -program is built for leaders who want to take the next step in designing their business success

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Meet with 5 TOP Experts in Sales Strategy. These experts long experience in building and executing similar strategies in and with companies just like you. You can show your plan, get feedback and sparring, or get help in finding your direction.

Discuss about how they see your current plan and how they would make it better. You can set your schedule to as tight as 2 weeks if you want to learn as much as you can as fast as possible, or take your time and use two months if you are looking to work on your plan between meetings. 

Get your sales Strategy in order right now with 1490€ package price of 5 meetings, all booked and organized for you, and have your 1st 1:1 online meeting with an expert as early as next week. 

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What do you need help with or what do you want to learn? Choose one of our pre-built packages or let our team create a custom solution for you, with advisors selected from a pool of over 3300 pro’s.

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We’ll match you with the right experts who specialize in your chosen area of focus. Everything will be set up on your behalf. No scheduling, booking billing or other hassle. 

Tailored advice based on your unique situation

Meet the selected professionals in 1-to-1 meetings and get experience-based knowledge that will tale you to the next level. 

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Download our handbook now to learn more. With our innovative Knowledge-as-a-Service approach and extensive network, we’re revolutionizing the way knowledge is shared and bought.

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