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Our Knowledge-as-a-Service helps company leaders save time by finding the right professionals for any business-related needs. Get direct access to 1000’s top experts in the Nordics and use AI Search for free. 

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Prönö is a service built for the the needs of the knowledge economy. You can grow your team with your own terms. With our platform, you get access to 1000’s of professionals. Always see who are available and book sessions when you want, with who you want, for what you want:

Built for Executives

Prönö is a Platform built for the needs of company leaders. Develop your leaders and team with constantly with tailored coaching or mentoring. Surround your company with the best possible people in strategic roles like your Board members or Advisory Board Members, or let us find the right partners to work with. Get access to the professionals you need, when you need them. 


Prönö is built by leaders – for the needs of leaders. 

Prönö in a Nutshell

Get Access

With Prönö you get access to the professionals who are available for your needs right now. Get access now with 7-day money-back guarantee. 

Browse Professionals

Browse and Book sessions with advisors, consultants, coaches or mentors.  Or let us find the right people with campaigns. 

Meet Online

Meet the Pros online and let us automate everything else – scheduling, billing, and reporting. If there’s not a match, you’ll get your money back. 

The Services

Prönö is an alternative for you whenever you need to support your team with top business knowledge.

Executive Marketplace

You can book on-demand sessions with hundreds of professionals on our Marketplace or ask for an offer if you are working on a project and need a man or a woman to do the job for you. Every meeting is risk-free with 15 min opt-out rule. Create a Free Company Profile to get started and add credits to book sessions.

Professional Groups

Having thousands of top business experts available for you 24/7 and using AI to find your match is a game-changer.

Get direct access to 1000’s of mentors or sparring partners without long-term commitment. Or find a speaker for your next event or a consultant for your next project.

Why spend thousands on finding you next board member, when you can access 1100 candidates on the platform directly, and for free. 


Leadership development

With Prönö you can choose the right right coaches to support the development of your leadership team. Being able to select from hundreds of available candidates and meet them interchangeably gives you the flexibility and ability to tailor your programs like never before.

Meet us to align your business goals with our coaches and advisors to see the potential in the platform way of building your success. 

Growth services

Growing companies are constantly faced with problems and challenges along the way. Not having the right expertise in-house or enough resources to buy the right services is a constant battle. With Prönö as your partner you always have 1000’s of experts at your service and a dedicated team that will keep you moving into the right direction.

At your service

Board Members

1600+ professionals ready to join your Executive Board 


120+ Certified Business Coaches ready to help your leadership team. 


1500+ mentors ready to help your employees grow and prosper. 

Sparring partners

1500+ Sparring partners ready to help startups grow and find success. 

Customer cases

Here are some customers we have been recently able to help. Read more about the power of a knowledge community unleashed, and learn about how your company could benefit from the new way of finding and using expertise. 

Companies we have worked with

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Discovery Meeting & Demo

Start your 1st Search here with our AI Assistant and meet the professional you need without any fees. 

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Create a free company profile and access 1000's of professionals available on the platform. 


To learn more about how Knowledge-as-a-Service is changing the way business knowledge is being shared and bought, book a meeting with us