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We can help your company to find the right people and tools to support your growth. Our unique Knowledge-as-a-Service model gives you the freedom to focus on your business. We will give you the support you need to succeed.

Advice for your whole team

We know you want to support your whole team, but finding the right advisors, mentors and coaches for people in different roles take a lot of time. Our platform can change that. With your company in Prönö, you can get: 

Accelerate your growth

As a growth company, your needs are constantly changing. Our Knowledge-as-a-Service & Growth -model gives you the freedom to shift your priorities without wasting time on finding the people you need to take you to the new directions. Scale your team without recruitments with:


Here's how Prönö works

We are matching companies and professionals based on needs, expertise, goals and values. Prönö is built on top of the needs of companies that are looking to grow and professionals who have the needed expertise. We are making it as simple as possible for companies to find the help they need to succeed.

Step into the knowledge economy

Knowledge, inspiration & innovation

We are moving to a world where all knowledge is available for you in real-time.

Giving everyone a flexible access to the people and resources they need to grow and reach their full potential is essential for the progress of the entire organization. With the right tools you can utilize that knowledge to lead and innovate your team.

A tool for your leaders

Finding the right support to help your leadership team takes a lot of your time and money. Working with an agency partner might give you a limited pool of Advisors and Coaches to choose from, but with our Knowledge-as-a-Service model we can find you the people smoothly, flexibly and with scale.

Mentoring for your team

You know your team needs support to grow. Building a mentoring program takes time and effort, and outsourcing it is expensive. We can help you scale your mentoring program without heavy investments. Our Platform creates the right matches automatically, so you can focus on your Advisory and Mentoring sessions.

Prönö for your Company

Advice & Mentoring

Book sessions with advisors, coaches or mentors, or let us book them for you. With our unique platform you can get access to the knowledge you need. 

Knowledge Search

You will never have to look for advice again. We will find you the people you need and help top professionals find you. We make them available for you. 

Growth Services

If you have all the advice you need, but not the people to proceed, our Growth services can help you get the job done. Talk to us to learn more. 

Accelerate your growth

We know you already have "advisors"

You are probably already working with advisors, but the question is not, “Do I have advisors?”, but “Do I have all the answers?”. With our Knowledge-as-a-Service you can get all the answers you need from hand-picked business advisors, industry experts, investors or even potential customers, who are all ready to share you their advice.

Meet your next Board members

Your future Board Members can play a crucial role in your success, but finding them is becoming increasingly hard.

We can connect you to 1000+ people looking for their next board roles. Don’t wait. Let’s talk. 


Growth services

Growing companies are constantly faced with problems and challenges along the way. Not having the right expertise in-house or enough resources to buy the right services is a constant battle. With Prönö you can hire a partner with thousands of experts at your service and a dedicated team that will keep you moving into the right direction.

The knowledge around you

Every startup has potentially unlimited wealth of knowledge and expertise at their disposal. Hundreds of thousands of advisors around the world are looking for startups that share common values, mission and goals. Our mission is to make the needed connections and build the tools that make these connections smooth, scalable and available for all.

At your service

Business Advisors

600+ TOP advisors ready to help you with your strategy and leadership. 

Growth Experts

1200+ Growth & Communications professionals ready to help you grow. 

Industry advisors

2000+ professionals with diverse industry expertise ready to help with your Go-To-Market.


200+ professionals looking invest into companies who share their goals & mission. 

Customer cases

Here are some customers we have been recently able to help. Read more about the power of a knowledge community unleashed, and learn about how your company could benefit from the new way of finding and using expertise. 

Case – Audicin

Case – Audicin Audicin, a SLUSH 100 top and rewarded startup, is building an audio service to improve wellbeing while working. Their solution has already been noticed in the Slush and Female Founder pitching competition. As a brand new startup...

Case Study

Companies we have worked with

How companies are using Prönö?

Alternative for recruitments

The best people can no longer be hired, but they might be ready to work for you. There is a huge hidden potential around every company, but with current tools and solutions, you are not able to make the most of that sea of knowledge and expertise. Prönö is designed to make all of that available for you.

Prönö Platform

Problem - Advice - Solved

We are all networking and connected, but still struggle to find the people when we need them. We help you build and manage the knowledge around you and bring you your whole team one click away from the expertise they need. People who are ready to help you succeed.  Any problem you have, get the advice you need, and consider it solved.

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Discovery Meeting & Demo

Book a free demo to discuss your needs, see the platform and discuss how we can help you.

Profile & Onboarding

Select your pricing level and get started with no long term commitment. We will create a profile for you and help you get started. 

Searches and Campaigns

We will find you what you need without extra fee. Searches and campaigns are included in your monthly fee.