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You cannot achieve growth working alone. You want to surround your team with the right advisors, mentors, coaches and experts. With Prönö you and your team can...

Unlock your professional potential

The way services are bought is changing. We are giving you direct access to companies so you can share your expertise, grow professionally and get paid for your advice and services.  With your free Prönö profile, you can: 

Here's how Prönö works

We are matching companies and professionals based on needs, expertise, goals and values. Prönö is built on top of the needs of companies that are looking to grow and professionals who have the needed expertise. We are making it as simple as possible to find the help you need to succeed.

The new era of opportunities

Get advice from
3300+ Professionals

The people and knowledge you need to succeed is out there. Our goal is to make it available for you.

Here’s how we can do it…

Get Access to
200+ Companies

If you are looking to monetize your expertise, to become an advisor or to invest in companies that are looking to shape the future, we will help you – for free.

Seize & Create
new opportunities

On Prönö Platform you can create opportunities for yourself or seize the opportunities created for you.
Create your own profile today or let’s talk and we will create your company profile for you.

Get to another knowledge level today.

We are all networking and connected, but still struggle to find the people when we need them. We help you build and manage the  knowledge around you and bring you your whole team one click away from the expertise they need. People who are ready to help you succeed. 

Why become an advisor?

Fact: You have expertise that would be valuable to companies that are building a more sustainable future. You no longer have to be a seasoned veteran to become an advisor. Become an expert advisor or a mentor and get inspired on what you can do.

Growth & Expert Advice

With our unique Growth and Advisory model you have the flexibility to use the services you need and select the people you want to work with. We are automating everything else. Get access to world class growth services and unlimited advice with a fixed monthly fee. 

Monetize your expertise

Offering your services is easier than ever, but being found is getting harder by the day. We can give you direct access to companies on our platform and take care of the pricing and billing. Select who you want to work with, get started and work with the companies you love.  

Prönö provides a platform for companies to easily find the help that they need. With its organized structure and user-friendly interface, Prönö is a great option for anyone seeking assistance.”

Hanna Kontinen

Head of Talent & Culture, Brella

Business is the activity of making one making money producing products. Simply put it is any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.

Antti Isokangas

Writer, speaker, communications consultant

Customer Cases

Here are some of the companies who we have been able to these past months. Read more about the power of a knowledge community unleashed, and learn about how your company could benefit from working with us and joining the Prönö Platform.

Case – Mesenaatti in the Crossroads

Sometimes, you need to pause and ask for advice in order to see the way forward. This is what Mesenaatti did when they found themselves at a crossroads. In the last seven years, they had grown to become one of...

Case Study

Companies our advisors have worked for

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