Prönö Partners with Uniarts Hub Pre-Incubator Program​

Prönö has partnered with Uniarts Hub Pre-Incubator Program in the University of the Arts (Taideyliopisto).  This is a three-month pre-incubator initiative designed specifically for individuals in the arts and creative sectors who are contemplating starting a business, whether individually or as part of a team. It caters to those who already have a preliminary business idea or seek comprehensive information on the steps and options for establishing a company.

Starting at the beginning of each semester, both in spring and fall, the program offers participants a thorough overview of business operations within the arts and creative industries. It includes opportunities to meet and learn from experienced professionals in these fields through lectures, workshops, and personalized mentoring sessions. Prönö is here to offer a platform for the 1-to-1 mentoring sessions.

The pre-incubator is part of the Campus Incubators program, which is supported by the city of Helsinki. You can read more about it here: https://www.hel.fi/en/business-and-work/campus-incubators-programme

A Call to Mentors!

If you are interested in helping these new entrepreneurs, you can join the pool of the Uniarts Pre-Incubator Program on the Prönö platform. The first session you offer is free, but after that, the entrepreneurs can book sessions with you, and you get paid based on your pricing as decided on our platform.

You can also be found by the entrepreneurs in the marketplace, and in that case, you aren’t offering a free session.

If you want to be shown in the marketplace, just add your payment and company information on the settings page (payments & tax).

If you’re not on Prönö yet, register here: https://app.prono.fi/sign-up

If you’re already on Prönö, you can join the pool here: https://app.prono.fi/app/organization/profile/uniarts-hub-pre-incubator-program/join


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