Disrupting the board member recruitment: a smarter, cheaper and more inclusive approach

Traditionally, the journey to find a suitable board member has been predominantly influenced by the relationships and networks of company executives or professional headhunters. 

This approach, while effective to some extent, has often resulted in a narrow selection pool and has incurred significant costs, especially when searching for candidates outside of one’s immediate network. Recognizing the need for change and diversity in board member recruitment, we at Prönö aim to redefine this process, making it more accessible, efficient, and inclusive for companies worldwide.

Direct access to candidates

The high costs and limited reach associated with traditional headhunting methods have long been a barrier for companies seeking to diversify and strengthen their boards. We believe it’s time for a change. 

By providing direct access to a vast database of potential candidates, our platform empowers companies to take charge of their search for the perfect board member. Users can browse through profiles, gain insights into each candidate’s expertise and experience, and initiate contact – all within a single, user-friendly platform. And also book meetings with them on our Prönö platform. 

Comprehensive talent solution when needed

At times, clients may lack the resources to scout for ideal candidates or board members. To address this, we’ve developed a streamlined approach with our partners, utilizing a distinctive campaign and interview model. This efficient process not only identifies top candidates but also involves a collaborative interview and review phase with our partners. We then refine this selection to a curated list of the top 10 prospects, further narrowing it down to the top 3 for your final interviews. This ensures you have access to the best talent, tailored to your specific needs.

AI for smoother processes

What sets our platform apart is the integration of AI technology, designed to streamline the recruitment process. Our AI algorithms currently help candidates to set up their profile. But we are also working on our matching algorithm that doesn’t only match with skills and expertise, but also other aspects such as values and interests. This approach reduces the time and resources traditionally spent on the recruitment process, leading to quicker, more efficient outcomes.

Building more diverse boards: 

We are confident that this digital and inclusive approach to board member recruitment is not just a trend, but the future of headhunting. By breaking down geographical barriers and democratizing access to a diverse pool of candidates, we are setting a new standard in executive recruitment. 

We want to lead the way in this change, ensuring that companies have the tools they need to make informed, strategic decisions when it comes to strengthening their boards.

In a world where diversity and innovation are key drivers of success, the way we approach board member recruitment must evolve. 

Our platform offers a practical, efficient solution, transforming the traditional, relationship-driven process into an inclusive, technology-enhanced journey. 

We are not just changing the game; we are creating a future where finding the perfect board member is smarter, cheaper, and more inclusive than ever before.

Read more here: https://prono.fi/board-members/


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