Prönö Code of Conduct
for our Community Members

Prönö Community Code of Conduct & Principles

At Prönö, we are deeply committed to cultivating a community that is welcoming, inclusive, and empowering for all its members. Our vision is to create a space where everyone can engage without fear of discrimination or harassment. To ensure this, we have laid out the following principles and expectations:

Our Core Values

  • Building a Unified World: We are steadfast in our mission to connect and empower professionals worldwide. We embrace empathy, diversity, inclusion, and equity, championing a world that radiates respect and kindness. Discrimination, hate speech, or any form of disrespect have no place here.


  • Sustainable Business Impact: While profits are integral, our focus is on long-term value that caters to all stakeholders – from clients and employees to our global community and the planet. We believe in businesses that generate positive impact and amplify the voice of organizations championing positive change.


  • Building Trust: Trust stands as the foundation of our operations. We vow to maintain confidentiality and transparency. If, for any reason, there’s a misalignment, be it expertise or any constraint, we promise transparent communication and will connect you with a suitable expert.


  • Your Success is Our Success: Our benchmark for success is the progress and satisfaction of our community members. If an advisor isn’t the right fit, we’re committed to pairing you with someone who better aligns with your needs.

Code of Conduct:

  • Respect and Kindness: Treat all members with dignity.

  • Zero Tolerance for Harassment: Refrain from engaging in harassment or any discriminatory actions.

  • Safe Environment: Contribute actively to a supportive and inclusive environment.

  • Feedback & Growth: Be open to feedback and continuous learning.

  • Adherence to Prönö Standards: Abide by all our guidelines and policies.

Violations & Reporting:

Any breaches to our code will be addressed appropriately, ranging from warnings to account suspensions or bans. We urge our community to report any inappropriate behavior at [insert email address here]. Each report will be treated with utmost importance and will undergo thorough investigation.


  • Inclusion: Ensuring everyone, irrespective of their backgrounds, feels valued and has equal opportunities.


  • Diversity: Recognizing and valuing the myriad aspects that make individuals or groups unique.

  • Equity: Our pledge to ensure fairness, especially for historically underserved groups, and creating a level playing field for all.

By embracing these principles, together, we will foster a community that thrives on collaboration, respect, and empowerment.