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There are 100's of companies looking for experts just like you every week, but are available for them? Whether it is advisory opportunities, board member roles, investment opportunities or something else, by creating a FREE profile to Prönö you are able to...

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As a highly-skilled professional, your expertise is in high demand, but a lot of your time might be wasted on chasing customers, creating offers, billing and following up on payments. Here's how we can help:

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In Prönö you only need one profile to be available for multiple roles. On our knowledge-as-a-service platform, companies can get direct access and book meetings with exactly the professionals they want for the needs that they have.
The ways how companies look for and find expertise is changing. Artificial Intelligence will soon replace middlemen when it comes to connecting to the right knowledge at the right time. All you need in teh future... is to make yourself available.

Reverse automation

Our goal is to help companies find the right experts when they are needed faster than ever. We are automating the steps of the process that traditionally have taken a lot of valuable time from both the advisors and the companies, such as...

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