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Working at Prönö is like working nowhere else, so it is tough to explain. But let us try anyway…

Values guide us

We work on building the company every day – all of our people, piece by piece. We believe that when you are building a new company, the best approach is to rely on our values, mission and vision as our guiding principles. 


We are curious and bold in action 

We want to improve and learn all the time. We are never done. We don’t just think about things – we actually do them. And curiosity is also the value most mentioned by our Prönö community. 


We are hungry but humble and viable

We don’t claim to know everything. We listen, learn and are kind and co-create with people more skillful than us. We want to learn every day as we are on the move. 


We are fair & fresh

We are fair: we treat everyone fairly and want to give everyone a chance. We also want to create a fair platform, meaning that we treat the data and your privacy with respect. 

We are fresh: we are bringing something new to the table, every day.

Who are we

We are Prönö! The crazy enough to think that we can change the world for the better. And we are determined enough to actually overcome challenges every day to achieve this goal. We call this having a Prönö-attitude.

We want to make a positive impact
The world has some big challenges to solve. UN has set the most critical goals to tackle these challenges. We are here to help companies and people trying to solve these challenges. This way we can make a positive impact.


At Prönö, we can be ourselves

Everyone can be themselves – who they are, with their own skills, flaws and unique approaches. We are kind, ambitious, curious, trusting and fair. And we love to help each other.

Helene Auramo

“It’s the hardest, biggest and most meaningful startup I have ever founded”, Helene Auramo, Founder & CEO

Ella Seppälä

“It has been like a roller coaster – in a good way” – Ella Seppälä, the first employee and now COO

Prönö milestones:

Prönö Enterprises Ltd. is a startup in Finland that was founded by Helene Auramo, the founder of Slush, Indiedays (the first blogger portal in Finland and Zipipop (the first social media agency in Finland). 

Prönö was accepted to the leading startup accelerator in Finland called Kiuas in summer 2021.

Prönö got the first investors (13 of them) in November 2021.