Prönö Careers

Working at Prönö is like working nowhere else, so it is tough to explain. But let us try anyway. 


We get excited when we see things moving forward. 


We try out new things all the time. If something doesn’t work, we leave it behind. If it works, we move forward with it. We are ambitious and work with the best people we find. And for us, this means people that are skilled, creative and fun to work with.

Work is inspiring and challenging when you get to learn new skills and overcome new challenges while doing new things. And when you have a team that you can trust, everything becomes easier. 


At Prönö, you can be yourself

Everyone can be themselves – who they are, with their own skills, flaws and unique approaches. We are kind, ambitious, curious, trusting and fair. And we love to help each other. 


Values guide us

We work on building the company every day – all of our people, piece by piece. We believe that when you are building a new company, the best approach is to rely on your values as your guiding principles. This way you can make sure the ideas evolve in the right directions. 


We are curious & bold in action for good. 

We want to improve and learn all the time. We are never done. We don’t just think about things – we actually do them.


We are hungry but humble and viable.

We don’t claim to know everything. We listen, learn and are kind and co-create with people more skillful than us.


We are fair & fresh

We are fair: we treat everyone fairly and want to give everyone a chance.

We are fresh: We are bringing something new to the table, every day.


We are using Prönö to manage our talent and advisory pool – and you can add yourself to our pool with just one click. That way we will find you whenever we need your help. 


We respect your time, so be a prönö and tell us you want to join our team by clicking “I’m here if you need me”.