Our platform gives your company the ability to make the most of the knowledge and expertise around you. Get Knowledge-as-a-Service and Grow faster with us and 3200+ advisors on our platform.

Prönö Platform

Prönö for what?

Prönö is built for companies who want to grow faster. Find the expertise you need, manage your advisory network and help you team grow with thousands of experts. With Prönö, you can get: 

Grow smarter

As a growth company, your needs are constantly changing. We can give you the freedom to shift your priorities on the go. For any need, you can find the people you need from thousands of alternatives available. Make the most of the free services included in your fixed-monthly fee, and grow your team without recruitments.

Here's how Prönö works

Book 1-to-1 sessions with any of our 3000+ experts

You can find TOP advisors, experts and coaches directly from our Marketplace. Instead of having to ask about availability, pricing and services you can see all that directly from their profiles, and book a session with just one click. Click - Schedule - Jump on a call.  Think about how much money and time you spend on trying to find the right people and let us do that for you.

Get free sessions for your company

With our unique platform and your own company pool you can stop worrying about who could help you, when you need advice. You can book the 1st session with any professional in your pool for free, and keep moving forward. We will keep on building your pool, so you can always find the advice you need.

Prönö Platform

Automated booking and payments

All advisory sessions (50 mins) are held on our platform. We will help you and your advisor to prepare for the sessions to make the most of it. We make sure that the advisor is there for you, and not the other way around. Get the help you need, book your next session or get find another advisor for 2nd opinion. Billing and payments are all managed by us, for you.

Easy to access and scale


Book advisors with just one click and give your whole team the access with full control. 


We grow your advisor pool based on your needs. Tells us who you need to find and we’ll deliver. 


All transactions are handled automatically, so you don’t have to worry about payments or surprises. 

Here's how you can use Prönö


You can discover over 3,000 experts on our platform who are available for personalized advice in one-on-one sessions. Whether you're seeking a board member, mentor, speaker, or simply need guidance for specific business inquiries, we can assist you in finding the right expert.


Prönö X Leadership programs

Prönö X programs are the quickest and easiest way to reach your business goals and explore a specific topic in depth. You’ll connect with top experts in one-on-one online sessions and guide the conversation where you want it. We’ve already picked out the coaches, experts, and professionals for you, but you get to decide who you’ll meet. Sign up for 10-week Programs today!

Companies our advisors have worked for

Find your next board member

You can pay for headhunters to find your next board member, but you don't have to. We have on our platform over 1500 top professionals looking for their next board seat. With you monthly subscription, we'll do the sourcing for you. Your targeted search can also be scaled of the platform, just like in headhunting. All you have to do is book sessions with the best candidates.

Raise your round with us

We can connect you to 200+ investors on our platform. Book sessions with these advisors to get their valuable input on your pitch deck and value proposition. We can also develop deck with you with our Growth Services and coach you for the upcoming meetings. All this can be included in your monthly fee.

Check out the video...

We are matching companies and professionals based on needs, expertise, goals and values. Prönö is built on top of the needs of companies that are looking to grow and professionals who have the needed expertise. We are making it as simple as possible to find the help you need to succeed.

Customer Cases

Here are some customers we have been recently able to help. Read more about the power of a knowledge community unleashed, and learn about how your company could benefit from the new way of finding and using expertise. 

Case – Mesenaatti in the Crossroads

Sometimes, you need to pause and ask for advice in order to see the way forward. This is what Mesenaatti did when they found themselves at a crossroads. In the last seven years, they had grown to become one of...

Case Study

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Discovery Meeting & Demo

Book a free demo to discuss your needs, see the platform and discuss how we can help you.

Profile & Onboarding

Select your pricing level and get started with no long term commitment. We will create a profile for you and help you get started. 

Searches and Campaigns

We will find you what you need without extra fee. Searches and campaigns are included in your monthly fee.