Meet the advisory board Pihka collection found on Prönö

PIHKA collection wanted to take its strategy to the next level. They chose to search for an advisory board through Prönö in order to accelerate their growth by finding the best advisors.

PIHKA collection’s mission is to provide an example for the fashion industry. They combine sustainability, colors, shapes and materials to build beautiful items that can be worn today, tomorrow, and beyond.

PIHKA organized an advisory board search on Prönö in Fall 2021, and around 70 potential advisors applied.

It was tough to decide between the candidates since there were a lot of excellent applications,” says Sofia Salmi, CEO of PIHKA.

They narrowed down their choices to 5 advisory board members. Read more to find out who they are and why they were chosen.

Read CASE PIHKA: This is how they found their 5 new advisors.


Liisa Paasio

Liisa is a creative thinker, doer, and leader with plenty of expertise and experience in brand building to share, and she is always curious to learn more. Currently, she is CEO and strategist at KIDS Agency, where she utilizes her past experience in many global marketing agencies and as an entrepreneur.

Why Pihka? by Liisa

To me, the idea of a world without beauty is impossible. And beauty without a context tends to turn to trash quite quickly. Beauty is in all things good: the way we are, grow, express, confront and respect ourselves, each other and our home – the planet. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder to pay attention to both beauty and the bigger picture. Beauty is questioned, fading or lacking purpose, while the bigger picture makes our heads explode with its complexity. Pihka is a beautiful company with a story of two inspiring women who express themselves through their work and products. For me, this is an opportunity to connect with something fundamentally Finnish and feminine while seeking a more meaningful, purposeful, and sustainable connection with them by developing their conscious business and bold branding. It’s an honor and joy to do this with them and our fantastic team of advisors!

Why Liisa? By Pihka 

Liisa convinced us to see the company’s business in a versatile and in-depth way. The conversation with Liisa was inspiring, and we were impressed with her style of approaching things.

See Liisa’s Prönö profile here.

Timo Paloheimo

This marketing super-pro has done it all, with big and small brands. He loves complex marketing challenges. Currently, he is Marketing Director at the self-driving technology company Sensible 4. Previously, he has worked in companies such as the media agency OMD and the creative agency Isobar.

Why Pihka? By Timo

Pihka has the potential to become a respected and well-known brand. It has excellent products, stories, and owners. Most of all, they genuinely want to grow the business to a new level. Who wouldn’t like to help in that journey and learn new things along the way?

Why Timo? By Pihka

Timo’s experience and versatility in understanding and implementing operational marketing tactics and understanding strategic marketing impressed us. He has an excellent ability to outline essential questions for us to focus on.

See Timo’s Prönö profile here.

Iines Veistola 

Iines is an ambitious innovator and business developer. Her passion is to help businesses to grow and go beyond their goals! She holds a master’s degree in accounting and has solid analytical thinking. Currently, she is working as a consultant and business analyst at Verona International, and previously, she gained experience in companies such as KPMG Oy Ab and Nexia Oy.

Why Pihka? By Iines 

Pihka is a fresh and classy Finnish brand created by two amazing and inspiring women who want to create a sustainable business with ambitious goals. Finnish brands and their success both nationally and internationally are close to my heart, and I am very excited about this opportunity and believe that PIHKA is going to become a real success story!

Why Iines? By Pihka

Iines is an energetic and engaging person and very interested in helping out with our finances, which is a wonderful combination. She is a down-to-earth and versatile expert who immediately felt like a good fit to work with us.

See Iines’s Prönö profile here.

Petteri Rapo

Petteri Rapo is an experienced legal & tax advisor. Helping is his specialty, and seeing great companies succeed is his passion. Currently, he is Managing Partner at Alder & Sound and helping growth companies and large Finnish multinationals with complex compliance and planning issues related to their cross-border operations.

Why Pihka? By Petteri

Anyone crazy enough to try to conquer the world from a small northern country called Finland deserves the utmost respect and full support of their effort, especially when operating in such a highly competitive and global market as clothing and accessories. PIHKA has energetic and humble owners, great products, 21st-century values, and a fresh brand. It is a true success story in the making, and I’m proud to share some insights and lessons learned from my years working with the largest firms in Finland. And I look forward to also helping with boring but oh-so-important issues like processes and compliance.

Why Petteri? By Pihka

Petteri is a visionary. He has experience in growth and internationalization, which we were looking for in an advisor. He has strong value-based yet growth-oriented thinking, which is particularly important to us, as we are a very value-based organization.

See Petteri’s Prönö profile here.

Tytti-Lotta Ojala

Tytti-Lotta Ojala is a future whisperer for companies that want to be more relevant to people. Currently, she is Chief Design Officer at Nordic Umami Company, a sustainable food tech innovation startup. She has impressive experience in Samuji, Marimekko, Arla Foods, Globe Hope, and the Helsinki-based design agencies Kuudes and Mozo.

Why Pihka? By Tytti-Lotta
I want to work for companies with a purpose. Pihka has a strong soul and integrity, a value that is important to me. Being passionate about good design and an expert in consumer markets and international growth, I felt that my skills fit Pihka’s goals. After meeting the owners, my decision was made – they were terrific, and I could not be happier about the opportunity to help such a team and business while learning along the way myself.

Why Tytti-Lotta? By Pihka

She is excellent at developing a vision and ready to get her hands dirty. As a small company, it is vital to have people with a vision and who understand what it takes to get there. 

She is excellent with people and appreciates working with a team and collaboratively. She is also an inspiring and friendly conversation partner.

See Tytti-Lotta’s Prönö profile here.

How did PIHKA find their advisors on Prönö?
Read the case here.

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