How can companies effectively form an advisory board? Case: PIHKA collection

In 2021, PIHKA collection decided that it was the right time to start planning how to take their business to the next level. They had a vision of where they wanted to go, but as always, “big visions need great people to get you there.” That is why PIHKA decided to look for advisors: to help them to take on the next challenge. 

PIHKA collection’s mission is to provide an example for the fashion industry. They combine sustainability, colors, shapes and materials to build beautiful items that can be worn today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Where was PIHKA collection in 2021?

PIHKA has two passionate entrepreneurs: Roosa Mattsson and Sofia Salmi. They definitely know how to make quality bags in a sustainable way. Their have been growing steadily and in a profitable way. 

Their brand is well known in the fashion and influencer scene in Finland. They were featured in several media outlets after Sanna Marin, Finland’s Prime Minister, wore their backpack in 2021.

How did they form their advisory board?

Entrepreneurs Sofia and Roosa had a joint vision of where they wanted to take their company. They had identified their own strengths as a team and the skills they would need in order to take the next leap. That’s how they started the journey to find the advisory board. They decided to find the advisors on Prönö.

Prönö helped to identify target advisor profiles, so the marketing could be done more effectively within Prönö’s community of 3000 professionals. PIHKA needed advisors in several areas, like financing, marketing, legal and strategy. 

However, PIHKA is an impact company, meaning they are a value-based business. It wasn’t just about finding people with relevant skills and experience; it was about finding advisors who share similar values. That is why Prönö was the right choice for them.

Prönö started the process with a targeted marketing campaign. Prönö then sent the applicant lists to PIHKA, who selected the advisors to be called for interviews. In total, they found 70 advisor candidates.

“We had tough choices to make. We received so many good advisory candidates to choose from. Overall, we were very satisfied and impressed with the applications we received.” said Sofia Salmi.

PIHKA selected via Prönö 5 advisors. You can read more about their diverse advisory board here

What is the advisory board going to do next for PIHKA?

In the words of CEO Sofia Salmi, “The advisory board has been very engaged. We have been positively surprised by the proactivity of the board members. We really feel like they do care about our business.”

“It is a very diverse group of people, and we are learning all the time. We think all of us learn from each other, as entrepreneurs and advisors, so it has been very inspiring too.

“PIHKA is now in the process of renewing its strategy. Our advisors understand strategy but are also very hands-on people. This is an excellent combination and we really feel like we can get to our vision with the support of these amazing people.”

Sofia Salmi, CEO & FOUNDER PIHKA collection

If you are interested in finding new advisors to grow with, read more here or contact us. We are happy to make an impact with those who are building a more sustainable future. 


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