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With Prönö you can choose how if you want to save your money or save your time. You can access all available advisors and board members for free, or let us 

Find what you need yourself by browsing and selecting yourself from among thousands of candidates, with or without AI (new!). 

To save your time, let us build a campaign for you to find you your perfect match on and off the platform. 

With Knowledge as-a-Service, you can let us find you the right executive-level professionals who can help you your whole leaderships team achieve their goals. .

If you are looking for C-level, you’ll probably find them faster and cheaper with Prönö. We dare you to try

DIY - Do it yourself

If you know what you are looking for, you can find it yourself in Prönö. Access all available professionals, use AI Search and book sessions or interviews risk-free with our 100% moneyback guarantee.

Get access to thousands of professionals today and…

Let us do it for you

With targeted campaigns, we can reach exactly the right type of professionals you need. Start your search now and and have your 1st meeting with candidates inside 48 hours.

We can reach available professionals on the platform with lightning speed and scale the search beyond the platform if so desired. Simple & transparent pricing of 490€ / search, just a fraction of what you are paying to your current service provider.


See more detailed steps for finding your next board member, advisory board member, advisor or coach or just book meeting with us to discuss how we can do it for you.


If you are looking to provide your leadership team the best available tools for success, Prönö is your Partner. Each of your leaders can get coaching and advice from thousands of available candidates, and you can provide your whole staff with mentoring.

Through the partnership, you can outsource all of your service purchases to Prönö and always find what you are looking for without expensive headhunting or service fees. We are constantly looking for the right advisors for your upcoming needs on the background, so you can meet them whenever you need them.

100% Risk-free

Getting started with Prönö is 100% risk-free.

You get access to the marketplace and selected Professional Groups for free, and purchase access or credits to book sessions on the marketplace. 

Our risk-free guarantee means that you can opt-out within 7 days if you simply cannot find the people you are looking for. You can also jump off session within 15 minutes if you are not happy with the match.

The professionals who can help you achieve your goals are already here. Step in and start your journey now. 

Prönö Marketplace

Book sessions & Buy Services from the Marketplace

Credits are the currency you can use to Book Advisory and Coaching sessions, or Buy Expert and Growth Services on the Prönö Platform. 
You can easily share the credits within your team and your whole team can have access to any experts on the platform. 


Kick-off Package

  • In-Person Onboarding & Goal-Setting (optional)
  • Access the marketplace with 100's of experts waiting and ready for you.
  • Book up to 3 sessions with advisors and coaches of your choice.

Try 7 Days Risk-free!

How it works?

1. Buy Credits

You can select the Kickoff Package or desired bundle from down below. Make the purchase with your credit card. If you prefer an invoice, please book a meeting with us and let’s see how we can help.  

2. Get Onboarded

Our team will guide you to our platform and help you get started by setting your goals and showing you around. Your 1st needs can be met the next day. 

3. Book Sessions

You can immediately start booking sessions on the platform, or if you are looking to do a wider search for an excecutie or board position perhaps, we’ll be happy to do the search for you. 

10 credits

1490€ +VAT
  • Book up to 7-10 sessions*
  • Typical use cases:
  • Additional resources for a project or meeting customer advisors
  • Consultation sessions for your Sales & Marketing
  • Monthly session with your coach

20 credits

2490€ +VAT
  • Book up to 15-20 sessions*
  • Typical use cases:
  • Running an on-platform innovation program
  • Scaling your growth with Top Experts
  • Coaching Program for a small leadership team

50 credits

4990€ +VAT
  • Book up to 30-50 sessions*
  • Typical use cases:
  • A Strategy Program with handpicked on-platform consultants
  • Internationalization Program with Global Local experts
  • Coaching Program for your Leadership Team

*Credits are valid for 3 months, and can be validated with additional purchases inside this time period. 


 If you are unsure about how the credits work or which bundle is the right for you, no worries.
We will be happy to help you with that.
You can ask your question in the chat or let’s meet up and see about your situation together. 

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