There are many ways to be a prönö. Choose the best plan for you!


You can always start your Prönö journey for free. But if you want to make the most out of it, upgrade to PRO!


always free
  • Make yourself available for 5 impact companies
  • Apply to open opportunities in your profession with just one click
  • Build your public business profile (alt. to Linkedin)


  • You are a curious human being and interested to see if Prönö could be interesting for you.

  • You are basically happy where you are and are not that interested in finding new opportunities.

  • When you want to start seizing the opportunities and hear about them, you are ready to go Pro. 


Go PRO for a year and save 17% over the monthly plan.
Per year
  • Make yourself available for 50 impact companies
  • See which companies are looking for your expertise
  • Be the first to know about the silent opportunities
  • Apply to open opportunities with just one click in 3 professions
  • Create your own circle and get recommended


  • You are a professional interested in growing yourself or your business. You always want to know when there is someone in need of your expertise.

  • You are looking for a mentor or interested in becoming an advisor or a board member. We will create these opportunities for you.

  • You want to find new opportunities. As Prönö PRO you can also offer your expertise directly to up to 50 organizations on our platform with just one click.


Unlimited Recruitments


Let us find you the best available candidates for any position

Who do you need to find? Co-founder, CXO, manager or trainee - we will find you what you need.


We do the campaigns, list the candidates, add them to your talent pool and you take it from there with interviews and selections.

Find freelancers & Service providers


Find a contractor from thousands of recommended alternatives

Whenever you need to find a service provider or a freelancer, you can select from your own talent pool. Or let us find you the best available option that meets your criteria.

Instead of you having to drown in sales calls and emails - we can find you what you need.

Your own advisory board

Ask for advice from your own advisors any time

You select the expertise areas you need help with and we build you a board of advisors who you can use whenever you need advice.


All you need to do is one click and we will set up your advisory meeting with a top-notch team.

Add new Board members

Fill your company board with World-class board members from thousands of available options.

When you need to add knowledge and expertise to your board you don't have to pay for headhunting or extra investments.

Simply let us see who are available for you and make the additions without any extra cost.

Create an organization profile and grow your talent & advisory pool – to discover all the professionals who are willing to work with you. 


  • Free talent management tool for your company
  • Careers page to your own website
  • Unlimited free advisory workshops


Per month*
  • Unlimited number of campaigns with a monthly fee
  • Personal human assistant with same day reply
  • Access to your company talent pool for the whole leadership team
  • Monthly Employer branding campaigns