Pricing for Companies

Get started and try it out with our Kickoff Package or select one of the Credit Bundles
Get access to platform and book sessions with +3000 experts, advisors & coaches
now without a monthly fee. 


What's included?

Platform & Services
  • Personalized onboarding & Goal-setting
  • Manage your advisor and service provider portfolio on our platform.
  • Meet with unlimited number of advisors from your own company pool without a session fee.
  • Access the marketplace with 1000's of experts waiting and ready for you.

Kick-off Package

Onboarding + 3 credits
499€ + VAT
  • What can you do with your kickoff package & 3 Credits:
  • Find your next board or advisory board member without any additional fees
  • Meet with up to 3 professional advisors, consultants or coaches
  • Experience how easy it is to find the knowledge you need as-a-Service.
No Monthly fees


Buy as you go
starting at 99€ PER CREDIT
  • Book sessions & Buy services from over 3300 professionals with often discounted prices.
  • Add credits as you go. See bundle pricing down below.
  • Credits are valid for three months, and can be used for any knowledge needs you have.

How does it work?

1. Buy Credits

You can select the Kickoff Package or desired bundle from down below. Make the purchase with your credit card. If you prefer an invoice, please book a meeting with us and let’s see how we can help.  

2. Get Onboarded

Our team will guide you to our platform and help you get started by setting your goals and showing you around. Your 1st needs can be met the next day. 

3. Book Sessions

You can immediately start booking sessions on the platform, or if you are looking to do a wider search for an excecutie or board position perhaps, we’ll be happy to do the search for you. 

Book sessions & Buy Services with credits

Credits are the currency you can use to book advisory and coaching sessions, or buy expert and agency services on the Prönö Platform. 
You can easily share the credits within a team and your whole team can have access to any experts on the platform. 

10 credits

1490€ +VAT
  • Book up to 7-10 sessions*
  • Best option for Finding a board or an advisory member, or booking some advisory sessions.
  • Typical use cases: Finding a board or an advisory member, or booking advisory sessions

20 credits

2490€ +VAT
  • Book up to 15-20 sessions*
  • Best option for advisory programs or C-level recruitments through Prönö.
  • Typical customer: Companies of all sizes who understand that it is beneficial to buy expert services to support their growth.

50 credits

4990€ +VAT
  • Book up to 30-50 sessions*
  • Best option for recurring meetings with advisors or buying growth services through Prönö.
  • Typical customer: Enterprise or Growth company with ambitions to grow their their business.

*Credits are valid for 3 months, and can be validated with additional purchases inside this time period. 


 If you are unsure about how the credits work or which bundle is the right for you, no worries.
We will be happy to help you with that.
You can ask your question in the chat or let’s meet up and see about your situation together. 


Experience an effortless acceleration over 3 months with Prönö X Programs, designed to take you to new heights. Choose from our curated selection of pre-built programs or tailor your own to perfectly align with your specific needs.

Prönö X

10 weeks
1500 +VAT / person
  • Guided goal-setting to help customize your program plan
  • Weekly meetings with coaches, advisors and experts of your choice.
  • Unlimited Access to Weekly Leadership keynotes, roundtables and breakfast sessions.
  • Access to book 1-to-1 online sessions with any of the keynote speakers or any other of the 3300+ top professionals on our platform.
Sign up today
& Save 490€!

Prönö X
Tailored Programs

2-3 months
  • Guided goal-setting and a dedicated customer success team to align your program to meet your business goals.
  • Your own company pool for unlimited free meetings + 50 credits to book sessions with
  • Unlimited Access to monthly Leadership keynotes, roundtables and breakfast sessions.
  • Access for your whole leadership team to book 1-to-1 online sessions with any of the keynote speakers or any other of the 3300+ top professionals on our platform.

Pricing for Experts

Create your profile for free!

Prönö is an open marketplace where you can create an a profile for free, Use the service without monthly fees and connect with opportunities that might be looking for you. You can select the opportunities you want to hear about and charge for your services if desired.

Prönö for your company?

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